ROUND TWO: 16-antediluvian vs. 9-entrails


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Voter Instructions:

  • The countdown at the bottom of each pairing indicates how much time is left to vote.
    • When voting closes, timer will disappear.
  • Read both poems as many times as you’d like.
  • Mark the poem you like best by clicking the circle next to its name.
  • Press the “Vote” button to record your vote.
  • Votes are counted in real time and cannot be changed once entered.
  • In the Public Vote, anyone may vote, but only one vote is allowed per IP address.
  • In the Classroom Vote, you must be registered and logged in to vote.
    • Official voting classrooms should read and discuss each poem and then submit one vote as a class.
    • Students can then vote again individually from home.
  • In the Authlete Vote, you must be a 2015 authlete and logged in to vote.

Things to Consider in Making a Choice:

  • How well the poem incorporates the authlete’s assigned word, given its level of difficulty.
  • Whether or not the poem adheres to the poem requirements for the contest.
  • Precision: structure, meter, rhyme, syntax, etc.
  • Personality: creative imagery, language, metaphor, etc.
  • Power: makes you laugh, cry, want, sigh, think, dream, wince, scream, etc.
  • Plus One: it is a poem you feel drawn to share with another person for whatever reason.

Apply your own criteria as well! For more on the above concepts, check out POEMETRICS™.

Here are the poems:


16-antediluvian what does it mean?
Gotta Love ‘Em
By Karen G. Jordan

I really should submit her for a scientific study
Then test results could tell me: Is she cool? Or fuddy-duddy?

She’s saving for an Apple watch but frowns when I’m online.
She streaks her hair with purple dye, organic-washes mine.

While she hunts worms, she makes me learn big words that are a pain.
It’s so antediluvian… see? She’s messing up my brain!

The worst is when she wears old pearls, but shows her neck tattoo.
Grandmas! Right? Gotta love ‘em! And mine, I really do!



9-entrails what does it mean?
Kitchen Chaos
By Darren Sardelli

The entrails of a pumpkin filled the pockets of his pants.
The cream and eggs were dripping from his chin.
The nutmeg clogged his nostrils and the honey glazed his hair.
The flour from the pie crust paved his skin.

His mother almost lost it when she walked into the room.
She gently wiped the ginger from his eye.
She kissed his head and hugged him as she chuckled to herself,
“My toddler tried to make a pumpkin pie!”


Public Vote (16-antediluvian vs. 9-entrails)
Final Results:
16-antediluvian vs. 9-entrails

Authlete Vote (ID Required)
Final Results:
16-antediluvian vs. 9-entrails
Classroom Vote (ID Required)
Final Results:
16-antediluvian vs. 9-entrails

9-entrails (Darren Sardelli) wins the tiebreaker (weighting vote by # of students per classroom): 152-148.

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  • Jackie

    I really like both of these. Tough choice.

  • Tee

    Ooh, both are excellent. Killer choices!

  • Carol Samuelson-Woodson

    Both delightful. Wish I could vote twice!

  • Phillip Van Wagoner

    An excellent “antediluvian” poem by Karen
    Competed against a hilarious poem by Darren.
    One more time we are stuck
    With this bittersweet luck:
    Two poems too equally worthy for easy comparin’

    (Once I realized your names rhymed, I couldn’t help myself! Great job, both of you!)

    • Darren Sardelli

      I love it!!! Great job Philip

    • Karen Jordan

      Haha, love the limerick, Phillip!
      And Darren, pumpkin entrails was a gooey, excellent choice!

      • Darren Sardelli

        Thank you Karen. When I saw the word I was assigned, it took me a while to find an angle. Once I did, I really enjoyed writing the poem.
        I was wondering how you were going to use your word. Nicely done!!!

  • Damon Dean

    I’ve never thought of pumpkin innards as entrails or my grandma as antediluvian. Great work, difficult vote.

  • Ed DeCaria

    And our very first vote of Round Two is going to tiebreaker. I need to check the logs and will post the result ASAP.

  • Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

    Heavens, what a close match! Two great poems. Well done to both of you.

  • Lori Degman

    WOW – it couldn’t get much closer!! Two great poems!

  • Darren Sardelli

    Oh wow!!! How does the tie breaker work???

    • Ed DeCaria

      Classroom vote tiebreaker is weighted by # of students in each classroom. Results to be posted shortly. (<5 min)

  • Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

    Ed counts the number of kids in each classroom, Darren. The poem with the highest total number of student votes wins.

    • RJ Clarken

      Wow. Just wow. :D

  • Ed DeCaria

    OMG. I believe that was the closest matchup in #MMPoetry history right there. Karen is +6 in the Public Vote, Darren is +2 in the Authlete Vote, and they tie in the Classroom Vote with Darren winning by only +4 even in the tiebreaker. Add it all up and it’s dead even. But the rules that are in place carry the day and that means Mr. Sardelli moves on to Round 3. NOW EVERYONE GO GIVE KAREN AN ANTEDILUVIAN HUG BECAUSE THAT IS SOME CRAZY STUFF RIGHT THERE.

  • Darren Sardelli

    Karen – we made history!!! This really could have went either way. We both deserve to be in Round 3.

  • Karen G. Jordan

    Congratulations, Darren! Can’t wait to see what you do next. I’m rooting for you.
    And Ed, I’m glad you have an algorithm for this kind of thing- whew!

    • Darren Sardelli

      Thank you Karen.

  • Buffy Silverman

    Congratulations Karen and Darren on writing excellent poems–your match could not have been closer! Looking forward to our next round, Darren.