ROUND ONE: 2-blurted vs. 15-emaciated

r1f1 2-blurted vs 15-emaciated

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Voter Instructions:

  • The countdown at the bottom of each pairing indicates how much time is left to vote.
    • When voting closes, timer will disappear.
  • Read both poems as many times as you like.
  • Mark the poem you like best by clicking the circle next to its name.
  • Press the “Vote” button to record your vote.
  • Votes are counted in real time and cannot be changed once entered.
  • You can only vote once from a given IP address.
    • Classrooms should submit one vote as a class.
    • Students can then vote again individually from home.

Things to Consider in Making a Choice:

  • How well the poem incorporates the authlete’s assigned word.
  • Technical elements: meter, rhyme, form, shape, and other poetic standards.
  • Creativity: wordplay, imagery, unusual approach, etc.
  • Subtle elements that make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Your overall response: emotional reaction such as admiration, tears, laughter, terror, or some indefinable feeling.

Here are the poems:

by Ann Magee

Dear Mr. Webster,
I make no blurted apology
for the demise of etymology.
Your lifetime with words
Has gone to the birds,
assaulted by recent technology.
Text-weary teacher

A Bad Spell
by Rebecca Colby

When I entered in the spelling bee,
I positively radiated
confidence and certainty
despite how long I meditated;
pondering on every word.
But then my brain froze; glaciated.
Listless, weak, humiliated—
I couldn’t spell emaciated!


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2-blurted vs. 15-emaciated

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2-blurted vs. 15-emaciated
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2-blurted vs. 15-emaciated

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  • Mother Streusel

    I think this one is the toughest vote for me!!! Excellent poems!!!

  • Renee LaTulippe

    Two poems about words – so odd how that happens! Well done, authletes! This one will be close!

  • Debra Shumaker

    Wow, these were awesome. Great job authletes!

  • pennyklostermann

    Nice job, you two! So far, the closest match-up in my opinion.

  • Rebecca Colby

    Thank you gals for the kind words! I don’t mind the outcome. All the poems I’ve read so far have been fantastic. It’s been lots of fun (and a wee bit stressful)! :)

  • Quinette Cook

    I have to agree with Renee, these are wonderful. The use of rhyming words in both is excellent.

  • Debbie B. LaCroix

    Awesome poems! So different. Great job!

  • Diana Murray

    Ooh, tough choice. Nicely done, both of you! (love the rhyme scheme, Rebecca)

  • Buffy Silverman

    Love that you both chose to write about words–and I particularly like the format of a letter to Mr. Webster!

  • Rebekah Hoeft

    Love the letter format! Very clever!

  • Lynn Ward-Author

    Both great poems! Tough decision

  • Damon Dean

    Mr. Webster’s muse must have been doing a double shift! Great poems, both.

  • Kathy Ellen Davis

    Two short great poems! Nice work!

  • Bonnie Bailey

    Rebecca, you just brought back the 8th grade spelling bee for me…shudder… :) Really nice work.

  • Mother Streusel

    Congratulations Ann! Excellent poem, Rebecca!

  • Elizabeth McBride

    Both of these are amazing in idea and in the execution! Congratulations to you both!

  • Ann Magee

    Thanks, everyone, for your kind words about my poem. Thanks to you, Rebecca, for an excellent round!