ROUND ONE: 5-disheveled vs. 12-verbatim

r1f2 5-disheveled vs. 12-verbatim

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Voter Instructions:

  • The countdown at the bottom of each pairing indicates how much time is left to vote.
    • When voting closes, timer will disappear.
  • Read both poems as many times as you like.
  • Mark the poem you like best by clicking the circle next to its name.
  • Press the “Vote” button to record your vote.
  • Votes are counted in real time and cannot be changed once entered.
  • You can only vote once from a given IP address.
    • Classrooms should submit one vote as a class.
    • Students can then vote again individually from home.

Things to Consider in Making a Choice:

  • How well the poem incorporates the authlete’s assigned word.
  • Technical elements: meter, rhyme, form, shape, and other poetic standards.
  • Creativity: wordplay, imagery, unusual approach, etc.
  • Subtle elements that make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Your overall response: emotional reaction such as admiration, tears, laughter, terror, or some indefinable feeling.

Here are the poems:

The Wild and Wooly Dust Devil Dance
by Stephanie Farrow

Be bold! Be brave! Be wild and wooly!
Dance the Dust Devil dance!

Whoop and swoop and loop-de-loop,
Whirl and whistle and twirl.

Wriggle! Spin! Do it again!
Dance the desert disheveled!

Do the wild-and-wooly, whirly-twirly, down-and-dirty
Dust Devil dance!


Repeat Pete (a very short pantoum)
by Quinette Cook

Repeat Pete’s my pesky parakeet.
He doesn’t use hashtags when he tweets.
Instead, in raucous voice he repeats
my words verbatim–he’s not discreet.

“Sisters are dumb and have smelly feet.”
Word for word his raucous voice repeats.
Dad gets mad and grounds me for a week.
Thanks, Repeat Pete–pesky parakeet!


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  • SusanTaylorBrown

    Oh this is going to be a close one. Both poems are wonderful!

    • Quinette Cook


  • Catherine

    Super! Now I’ve got disheveled smelly feet in my head.

    • Quinette Cook

      That’s what you get when you dance with poets.

  • Quinette Cook

    Stephanie, why’d you have to write such a good poem?

    • Stephanie Farrow

      Quinette, You have no idea how much I love pantoums – even the very short ones :) And I’m pretty sure I’ve never read one about a parakeet before! It was sheer dumb luck that I got the word disheveled. The springtime winds ensure that the whole state of New Mexico is disheveled!

  • Debbie B. LaCroix

    Two more amazing poems!

  • pennyklostermann

    Wonderful! I am having the best time reading the entries :-)

  • Damon Dean

    The magic of dust devils is perfectly performed in your poem Stephanie, I love the windy imagery. And Quinette, if I had a parakeet like yours, he would need to enter the witness protection program. Parakeet nuggets come to mind. Great poems.

  • Mother Streusel

    Exciting matchup! Love the lyrical quality of Stephanie’s and how well-ballanced Quinette’s is. As an unrelated side note, I think Quinette’s name sounds like poetry.

  • Gloson

    This has got to be the hardest decision ever!

    • Stephanie Farrow


  • Stephanie Farrow

    I don’t know, Quinette . . . At this point it’s going to be down to the wire. It’s fun that we’re well-matched and to see the back and forth.

    • Quinette Cook

      It is exciting and nerve-wracking.

  • Stephanie Farrow

    Well played, Quinette! It was great fun.

  • Quinette Cook

    Stephanie, I commend you on your poetic prowess. It was a close “game” up to the very last second. Thank you for the great matchup! We had all our fans on their feet cheering (and voting)!

  • Quinette Cook

    Thank you authletes and students for your support!