ROUND TWO: 6-bulbous vs. 3-spiral

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The Poets’ Challenge: Each poet is assigned a single word based on their bracket seed, ranging from 1 (intuitive) to 16 (seemingly impossible). Poets must write a kid-appropriate poem using the prompted word in under 36 hours. Once both final poems have been received, they will be pasted into the body of this post, and then the reader poll will be open for voting.

Voter Instructions: Read each poem as many times as you’d like. Then use the poll to express your preference. Votes are counted in real time and cannot be changed once entered. As a guideline for voting, consider the criteria on which the contestants on the cooking show “Chopped” are evaluated: presentation, taste, and creativity. Translated roughly into poetry terms, presentation might include technical aspects such as meter, rhyme, form/shape, etc.; taste might be the net effect — did the poem move you to laugh, cry, think, kill, etc.; and creativity might include the poet’s approach toward a certain subject, image evocation, clever wordplay, etc.

“This is awesome, where can I find more?”: All results and scheduled matchups, including a glance at the round-by-round writing windows and voting windows, are visible from the Live Scoreboard page. In addition, results will be tweeted from @edecaria as they become final.

Here are the poems:

Spring Awakening
by Carol-Ann Hoyte

Mr. Rose struck a restful pose 
by the base of a birchwood tree.
As he closed his eyes and breathed a sigh,
he fell into a year-long doze.

And lo! in the spring to his great surprise
he found when he arose 
bouquets of tender tulips 
had sprung from his bulbous toes.


by Renée M. LaTulippe
Despite his cold, Pierre stepped out,
his black beret askew,
and went off tootle tootling
on his gold kazoo.
Astonished? Yes! Who would believe
the force of an ah-choo
could send him spiral spiraling
down the avenue?



6-bulbous vs. 3-spiral: Which Poem Did You Prefer?

  • 6-bulbous (Carol-Ann Hoyte) (53%, 103 Votes)
  • 3-spiral (Renee LaTulippe) (47%, 93 Votes)

Total Voters: 196

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GET OUT THE VOTE. For Round 2, our goal is to double the average vote total for all matchups compared to Round 1. Use the share buttons below and mention the madness wherever you go so that these poems reach more kids!

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  • Renee LaTulippe

    Ooh, Carol-Ann! I’m not sure about either of these words. HA! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. :)

  • Mary Lee

    This pairing will SHAPE up to be very interesting!!

  • Pam

    Okay Renee and Carol-Ann I can’t wait to see how you use these words. Renee, I’ve no doubt you’ll somehow make these few lines quite visual.

  • Pam

    Oh yeah, good luck to you both! I know you’ll have fun with this!

  • Debbie

    Oohhh! Fun words! Can’t wait to read!

  • Susan Taylor Brown

    Oh wow, what an interesting pair of words. This is going to be a great match! Good luck to both of you.

  • Joanna

    You have both done a grand job with your lovely words!

  • Julie Larios

    Good job, both of you! I think this will be a close one….

    • Carol-Ann Hoyte

      Thanks for the encouragement. I enjoyed reading your work here, too.

      • Mary

        love the metaphor – will appear to all ages

  • Amy LV

    I think that Mr. Rose and Pierre live in the same funny enchanted town! Enjoyed both of these playful poems very much!

  • Hannah Ruth Wilde

    ‘Down the Avenue’ enchants like Mother Goose. And who doesn’t love the surprise of tulips after a winter’s sleep?!

  • Dom D

    It just occurred to me that Carol-Ann pays tribute to her competing counterpart in her poem! Well played!

    • Renee LaTulippe

      HA! I hadn’t noticed that!

  • Mary Lee

    Bulbous toes vs. a big sneeze…hard to choose!!!

  • Amy LV

    Carol-Ann…that is so sweet!

  • Donna Smith

    I love them both….but quite an image of tulip bulbous toes!

  • Patricia Tilton

    Both poems were great ladies. Hard to choose.

  • Kathryn Apel

    Fantastic. So very different in mood and style. Both beautifully done.

  • jone

    So close! Wow. I enjoyed them both.

  • Iza Trapani

    Delightful! These are both terrific poems! How can I choose just one?

  • Patricia Nozell

    So close! Both were terrific poems!

  • Brenda

    It’s a tie! Sorry, you guys are just to good at poetry. I just can’t make up my mind. Good luck. :)

  • Heidi Mordhorst

    The fun just never ends here. Carol-Ann, have I possibly seen/heard a version of this one before? How well bulbous fits if, if so!

    • Carol-Ann Hoyte

      Nope. It’s all new, girlfriend.

  • Ed DeCaria

    Renee’s gonna need a couple of last minute three pointers here …

  • Ed DeCaria

    For the record, this final score was 95-89. Somehow the poll was reopened. Sorry for any confusion. -Ed

  • Donna Smith

    Congratulations, Carol-Ann and Renee. Both of you did wonderful poems!

  • Amy LV

    Yes…this was a nail biter, and both poems are such good fun! Congrats!

  • Renee LaTulippe

    Congrats, Carol-Ann! This was a fun match-up!

    • Carol-Ann Hoyte

      Renee, it was a most intense and exciting match!

  • Lucy Keyes

    Wonderful!! I have a thing for berets!! A vote for 3-spiral and Ms Renee!!!