What more can you ask for in a person?

But what less can you accept?

My mission is to inspire kids to embrace these four values. My personal medium is poetry, which you’ll find peppered throughout this space. I hope that you enjoy it, and, if you like it, share it. Mostly, though, I encourage you to reach out to kids in your own way. If we really expect them to lead the world someday, they are going to need a lot of HELP.

About TKT

Think, Kid, Think! is intended for a general audience. Since its launch, TKT has been visited by grade-schoolers, grandparents, and everyone in between. You will find poems, rants, statistics, infographics, videos, and more — really anything that triggers a laugh, feeling, thought, or action, and inspires you to spread it into the real world.

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About Our Contributors

  • My name is Ed DeCaria.
  • I look pretty much like this, depending on when I last got a haircut.
  • I write poems for kids.
  • I (work with talented engineers and designers to) create software products for a living.
  • I explore the connection between products and poetry on my product::poetry Tumblr.
  • I also write about baseball here and there.

  • My name is Charles Mund.
  • I am Ed’s nocturnal alter ego.
  • I do the dirty work here at TKT — site management, plugin testing, copy editing, etc.
  • I haven’t seen sunlight since June 6, 1998, when a fire alarm forced me from my garden apartment from 1:14-1:20pm.
  • I have no memory of this picture. I suspect something criminal.

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