Not Dead


March Madness Poetry 2016 isn’t going to happen. What will you miss most?

Mona Lisa and Me

This just occurred to me:

Other than the hair, accessories, and adam’s apple, my profile picture is a dead ringer for the Mona Lisa. The angle, the chin and jaw shape, the nose, the smile, the cheekbones. So here goes, an off the cuff poem (I use that term loosely in this context) to describe

Visitor Advisory Warning

Fair warning to my visitors: I don’t always write “nice”. Yes, yes, we must think of the children. But I was a child once, and I’m pretty sure that I said sh*t I shouldn’t have before I turned seven. Like “Sh*t! I shouldn’t have eaten that piece of pizza off of the bus floor.” Or

I’m Not Talking to Myself. I’m Practicing Listening.

No one’s ever going to read the first post of a new blog. So why not start with something harmless (forewarning: future posts may be harmful) like a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ message?

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! You’re the tops. (I’m 30-something and don’t watch TV anymore other than baseball games and Chopped — I can