Madness! Poetry 2018 Recap

Madness Poetry 2018 Logo and Thinkier Trophy

Another year, another fantastic Madness! Poetry tournament is in the books! Here’s a brief recap of the event, and a few thoughts on the future.

Not Dead


March Madness Poetry 2016 isn’t going to happen. What will you miss most?

Announcing the #MMPoetry 2015 Grand Prize Winner!

march madness poetry - kids poetry contest

Announcing the winner of the #MMPoetry 2015 Grand Prize Giveaway — 25 new kids’ poetry books! Plus the Second Prize (10 books) and Third Prize (5 books) winners, too!

#MMPoetry 2015: Round Six (The Finals) Words Unveiled

march madness poetry - kids poetry contest

March Madness Poetry 2015 continues into Round Six: THE FINALS!