March Madness Poetry 2013: Don’t Miss The Madness!

Attention Kids’ Poets:

Are you looking for a new kind of poetic challenge? Don’t miss your chance to participate in this year’s March Madness Poetry tournament (codename: #MMPoetry)! Last year’s event was praised as “A mini-version of the Hunger Games”, “An epic event”, and “Total crazy fun”. What else do you call it when a

#MMPoetry2013: Calling All Classrooms!

One of the most fun parts of the build-up to March Madness Poetry 2013 is taking the extra time to savor the words that I read and hear every day. Five to ten times per day, a word splatters across my windshield — commanding my immediate attention and action. Sometimes, I spray the cleaner and

#MMPoetry2013: Let The Games Begin!

READY OR NOT, HERE IT COMES. It is time to start preparing for the March Madness Poetry 2013 tournament!

I have spent a lot of time thinking about last year’s event, what worked well, what could be improved, etc. The #MMPoetry2013 event itself will not change much at all versus last year, but I

Meet “The Thinkier” (And Start Thinking About MMPoetry2013!)

Remember back in April when I mentioned the idea of a traveling trophy to celebrate the March Madness Poetry tournament? Well, after seven long months of procrastinating and one month of trying …

“The Thinkier” has finally come to life!