The #MMPoetry 2014 Authlete Application Window IS OPEN!

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“The biggest tournament of children’s poetry ever conceived” will be back again for its third year, and it is already shaping up to be better than ever. Applications have been rolling in for days, and we’ve got some serious talent lined up to participate. Better yet, the “poetic challenge” included in this year’s application is delivering news of the event directly to the inboxes, Facebook walls, and contact pages of some of the biggest names in kids’ poetry.

Minor Quibbles About the 2013 Cybils Poetry Award

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With all due respect to the organizers, I must express a few minor quibbles about the 2013 Cybils poetry awards. In the spirit of the award, I express my quibbles in verse form.

Poetry Friday: Doritos!

It's Poetry Friday at TKT!

I dig through the Poetry Friday archives to unearth buried treasures, including a hilarious haiku t-shirt that you won’t want to miss! Plus the usual mix of TODAY’s Poetry Friday goodies from around the #kidlitosphere.

SPAM Poetry Challenge

CAPTCHA 690 pubweet

I unveil a cringe-inducing new form of poetry. It sounds something like this: Erytairn ace ra punkeeset-too / Las nett, las nupp, aye gee yu. / Hackerdorn masterun felderaik mew; / Jonoscope mystonite funkerwet-loo. Wait, poetry without real words? Who knew?