Announcing the #MMPoetry 2015 Grand Prize Winner!

march madness poetry - kids poetry contest

Announcing the winner of the #MMPoetry 2015 Grand Prize Giveaway — 25 new kids’ poetry books! Plus the Second Prize (10 books) and Third Prize (5 books) winners, too!

#MMPoetry 2014 Grand Prize Giveaway!

Covers of FIFTY Kids Poetry Books

Announcing the winner of the #MMPoetry 2014 Grand Prize Giveaway — a bookshelf of 50 (FIFTY!) new kids’ poetry books!

10 Writing Tips From My Junk Drawer

Study the Experts

I’m moving soon, which means that I’ve been cleaning a lot. I just unloaded my unidirectional “junk drawer” for the first time in six years. Inside it, hidden behind headphone plugs and bike accessories and long-forgotten tubes of lip balm, I found these ten amazing writing tips!

Sweet Sixteen? How About Sweet 16,000!

The Regional Finals for March Madness Poetry 2013 are underway! Eight authletes are competing to reach The Final Four; all contests will be decided by Tuesday night, and YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Visit the Live Scoreboard or go directly to any of the four matchups from this slider: