The Transmogrification of #MMPoetry


Minutes ago, I launched a project on Kickstarter called MARCH MADNESS POETRY: Transmogrification Edition aimed at harnessing the energy of the #MMPoetry event to fuel three new ideas that will keep kids’ enthusiasm for poetry high all year long.

This project will need your support in various forms to be successful.

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PEAK MADNESS! All 64 First Round Poems Now Up For Vote

Spread the word! Far and wide! “We’ve reach our poetry HIGH TIDE!”

All 64 first round poems created during #MMPoetry 2013 are now available for vote. I’ve read them all — and I will say without reservation that they are INCREDIBLE. What #MMPoetry authletes are able to do in such a short span of time

Building Our #MMPoetry Community

#MMPoetry fans: Want to become a bigger part of the community during the 2013 tournament?

Here are a few ways to do it:

Subscribe to the TKT new posts feed. In addition to getting notifications as soon as each wave of #MMPoetry poems goes live, you will also see other event updates, statistics, and thought

#MMPoetry2013: Calling All Classrooms!

One of the most fun parts of the build-up to March Madness Poetry 2013 is taking the extra time to savor the words that I read and hear every day. Five to ten times per day, a word splatters across my windshield — commanding my immediate attention and action. Sometimes, I spray the cleaner and