To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure

Five reasons why I am posting this video and link:

It involves poetry. It is insanely creative. It is insane. It perfectly embodies my four most deeply held values: Humor, Empathy, Logic, and Passion (HELP!) It proves that taking a unique approach to a project or problem can achieve amazing and unexpected results.

Pop-Up Poetry Competition

Every week in the kidlitosphere, dozens of poets and poetry aficionados gather to share their latest poems, inspirations, interviews, reviews, news, and more. It so happens that I am hosting the gathering this week here at Think Kid, Think. Well, one thing led to another, and yada yada yada, it’s time for a pop-up March

New Poem: Something Sweet

National Poetry Month continues! I hope that you are celebrating by reading or writing, or playing with poetry in some other way.

On Monday I guest-posted for Katie Davis. Today I am publishing a poem as part of Greg Pincus’ 30 Poets / 30 Days event! Now in its fourth year, Greg has featured some