How #MMPoetry Is Catching On, In 2 Easy Charts!

March Madness Poetry Authlete Application Trend - Kids Poetry Contest

Two charts that show how excitement for the March Madness Poetry tournament continues to spread among the poetry writing community.

Poets Are Out Of Touch And/Or Kids Don’t Have a Clue, Part 1

MMPoetry March Madness Poetry 2014 Logo

Now that #MMPoetry 2014 is over, it’s time to see if we can learn anything from the results of the Public Vote, the Authlete Vote, and the Classroom Vote.

#MMPoetry 2014: What Did We Learn From The First Four Matchups?

MMPoetry March Madness Poetry 2014 Logo

We break down the first four matchups of March Madness Poetry 2014 one-by-one so see what we can learn … let’s have a discussion!

Who’s Afraid of a Big Bad Word?

Websters New Universal Unabridged Dictionary Deluxe Second Edition

I reflect on words in general, on the words assigned during the first round of #MMPoetry 2013, and reveal the seeding algorithm that I will use as a guide when assigning word prompts in future #MMPoetry tournaments.