Poemetrics, Part 1

Poetry and other works of art are famously open to opinion and interpretation. What I describe as poignant, you may declare repugnant. What I feel is hackneyed, you may find hilarious. What I cast off as atrocious, you may consider genius.

We can continue that dance all day and night, but neither of us will

Miscellaneous Madness

Madness! 2012 has arrived at the Final Four. Round 5 will feature two poetry pairings:

Suz Blackaby representing the HUMOR bracket vs. Stephen W. Cahill representing the LOGIC bracket Debbie LaCroix representing the EMPATHY bracket vs. Greg Pincus representing the PASSION bracket

Their words have now been assigned, and they now have 36 hours to

How To Get Out The Vote? Promote!

By all accounts, Madness! 2012 has been a success so far. Thank you all for making it so!

Now it’s time to kick it up a notch.

In Round 1, we averaged 154 votes per poetry pairing. Not bad! But I think that we can collectively do an even better job of getting these great

There’s More To Poetry Than Just Words On A Page

Words, schmurds. Where are the numbers? Anyone who loves baseball knows that everything tastes better with a sprinkle of statistics!

Throughout the Madness! 2012 tournament, I will post some fun statistics whenever I have a chance. Here is your first hit:

As you might expect, the better the “seed” for a word, the fewer