Announcing the #MMPoetry 2014 Authletes!

MMPoetry March Madness Poetry 2014 Logo

The full roster of March Madness Poetry 2014 authletes was unveiled in the Selection Sunday video on March 2nd. Stop by to congratulate and/or heckle this year’s authletes! Video runs 7:27.

The Transmogrification of #MMPoetry


Minutes ago, I launched a project on Kickstarter called MARCH MADNESS POETRY: Transmogrification Edition aimed at harnessing the energy of the #MMPoetry event to fuel three new ideas that will keep kids’ enthusiasm for poetry high all year long.

This project will need your support in various forms to be successful.

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March Madness Poetry 2013: Selection Sunday

Welcome to Selection Sunday!

In this 10-minute video, I unveil the full March Madness Poetry 2013 bracket, region by region, seed by seed. The audio’s a little quiet, so you may need to turn your sound up: