Ed returns from another year-long hiatus to finally reclaim Think, Kid, Think! as his home on the web. For good this time.

10 Writing Tips From My Junk Drawer

Study the Experts

I’m moving soon, which means that I’ve been cleaning a lot. I just unloaded my unidirectional “junk drawer” for the first time in six years. Inside it, hidden behind headphone plugs and bike accessories and long-forgotten tubes of lip balm, I found these ten amazing writing tips!

SPAM Poetry Challenge

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I unveil a cringe-inducing new form of poetry. It sounds something like this: Erytairn ace ra punkeeset-too / Las nett, las nupp, aye gee yu. / Hackerdorn masterun felderaik mew; / Jonoscope mystonite funkerwet-loo. Wait, poetry without real words? Who knew?

March Madness Poetry 2013: Don’t Miss The Madness!

Attention Kids’ Poets:

Are you looking for a new kind of poetic challenge? Don’t miss your chance to participate in this year’s March Madness Poetry tournament (codename: #MMPoetry)! Last year’s event was praised as “A mini-version of the Hunger Games”, “An epic event”, and “Total crazy fun”. What else do you call it when a