10 Writing Tips From My Junk Drawer

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I’m moving soon, which means that I’ve been cleaning a lot. I just unloaded my unidirectional “junk drawer” for the first time in six years. Inside it, hidden behind headphone plugs and bike accessories and long-forgotten tubes of lip balm, I found these ten amazing writing tips!

SPAM Poetry Challenge

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I unveil a cringe-inducing new form of poetry. It sounds something like this: Erytairn ace ra punkeeset-too / Las nett, las nupp, aye gee yu. / Hackerdorn masterun felderaik mew; / Jonoscope mystonite funkerwet-loo. Wait, poetry without real words? Who knew?

March Madness Poetry 2013: Don’t Miss The Madness!

Attention Kids’ Poets:

Are you looking for a new kind of poetic challenge? Don’t miss your chance to participate in this year’s March Madness Poetry tournament (codename: #MMPoetry)! Last year’s event was praised as “A mini-version of the Hunger Games”, “An epic event”, and “Total crazy fun”. What else do you call it when a

Kids’ Poetry: Lost in Translation?

I am currently reading a book that contains a number of poems translated from other languages. This got me thinking about the process of translating poetry; how difficult it must be not only to execute a translation, but for the original writer to have written a poem worth translating in the first place. Simple rhymes