Kids’ Poetry: Lost in Translation?

I am currently reading a book that contains a number of poems translated from other languages. This got me thinking about the process of translating poetry; how difficult it must be not only to execute a translation, but for the original writer to have written a poem worth translating in the first place. Simple rhymes

Are The First Lines of Kids’ Poems Memorable?

I just read this post at Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides blog about favorite first lines of poems, which he says was inspired by this post about favorite first lines of novels.

And I thought to myself, “What is my favorite first line of a poem for kids?”

And then I answered myself, “I cannot

Announcement: My Poetry Debut at The Hardball Times

Today I made my debut writing baseball-related poetry for a popular sabermetric website, The Hardball Times. My poems will appear on their THT Live section as I write them. Poems are cross-posted to Fangraphs and, if they involve specific players, linked to Fangraphs’ player cards as well. As many of you know, I am a

Poemetrics, Part 2

As discussed in Poemetrics, Part 1, we may be able to gain a lot of insight into what readers like about poetry by analyzing it statistically.

The 128 poems written during MMPoetry gave us a small sample of data with which to play. Without further delay, I’d like to present my quick-and-dirty results.

Under each