Poemetrics, Part 1

Poetry and other works of art are famously open to opinion and interpretation. What I describe as poignant, you may declare repugnant. What I feel is hackneyed, you may find hilarious. What I cast off as atrocious, you may consider genius.

We can continue that dance all day and night, but neither of us will

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We’re now in the meaty part of National Poetry Month. Hopefully everyone is enjoying all of the great events taking place throughout the blogosphere. Too many to list, but a few of my favorites are Greg Pincus’ 30 Poets / 30 Days and Renee LaTulippe’s new poetry video series. Check ‘em out!

As for me,

Why Do We Cling To Books?

Okay, I don’t know what Rachelle has planned for Part 3, but her analogy relating Eastman Kodak’s demise to the current state of the book publishing industry may be the most well-packaged point of view I’ve read on the subject in years. This is a re-post of my comments on her site.


Madness! Writing 126 New Children’s Poems in 21 Days

“No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness.” — Aristotle

Every March, like many Americans, I cannot help but get caught up in college basketball’s year end championship tournament. Even if I hadn’t paid a lick of attention all season, how can I not watch? It’s March Madness!!! (Sorry CBS, we’re never gonna