so you want to be a writer?

For Poetry Friday today, I am linking to a poem by Charles Bukowski that, when I first read it about eight years ago, forced me into as close to a meditative state as I think I’ve ever been in my adult life.

Here are a few lines and link to the poem, with a few

Top 10 Worst Poem Ideas for Kids

When it comes to writing poems, I NEVER discard an idea, no matter how strange it seems. I always believe that if I can just catch the right brain wave, I can turn it into a rock star poem.

I recently dug through my scrap files as I transferred all of my poetry work into

Comment Challenge 2012

I’ve decided, belatedly (what’s new?), to participate in Comment Challenge 2012, where I’ll make an effort to explore new blogs in the world of children’s books and add my perspective. In keeping with the theme of my own blog, I will look for examples of humor, empathy, logic, and passion, and highlight them wherever I

New Poem: There’s Mold in Our Shower

There’s Mold In Our Shower by Ed DeCaria

There’s mold in our shower, it’s grown by the hour, I’m practically covered in green.

The tiles are fuzzy, the curtain is skuzzy, I’m warning you: it’s quite a scene.

The soap and shampoo left a thick residue so I don’t feel especially clean.

I’d hoped to