Ed’s Poems

Hi! This is but a small selection of poems that I have written for kids. Like any hardy household pest, for every one that you spot in the open, there are a hundred more hiding behind the walls. These poems are way cooler than cockroaches, though. Enjoy! -Ed

The Fort Pitt Tunnel

Fort Pitt Tunnel

Image: Fort Pitt Tunnel by KitAy, on Flickr

Maybe I Should Have Waited 30 Minutes Like She Told Me To
Bubbly Palms

Image: Bubbly Palms by BenSpark, on Flickr


Something Sweet

Image: feet by carvalho, on Flickr

Sewer Cap

Image: Sewer Cap by StarrGazr, on Flickr

The Mohawk

Image: Mohawk by JefferyTurner, on Flickr

Who Is This Woman And Why Is She Trying To Kiss Me?
Black and White Portrait

Image: Black and White Portrait by RobW_, on Flickr

Mold In Our Shower
dirty tub

Image: dirty tub by Ikayama, on Flickr

The Flibbertigibbet and Fast Fasting

Worst In Show
Worst In Show

Mona Lisa and Me (A Sudden Observation)

[And if you’re all excited now after reading those poems, click here to relax for a minute.]

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