Ed’s Top Ten Favorite March Madness Poetry 2012 Poems: #10

We are now 10 days away from the start of the March Madness Poetry 2013 tournament. So, since I like making Top Ten lists so much, I thought I’d lead us into the tournament with a one-a-day posting of my Top Ten favorite poems from #MMPoetry 2012.

We’ll start with a funny one written by the talented Kristy Dempsey prompted by her 10-seed word “sanitize” in the first round:

Flu (Ah-ah-ah-choo!) Season
By Kristy Dempsey

The flu is rampant. Don’t get sick.
Wash your hands and wash them quick.
Eliminate this plague of doom.
Eradicate it from your room!
Expunge the plague and ban the bugs.
Bleach the floor and clean the rugs!
Germs are bent on your demise.
Wash your hands and sanitize!

This poem captured 80% of the vote in its matchup and helped Kristy move on to the 2nd round. Click here to see this poem as it originally appeared in #MMPoetry 2012.

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  • http://www.NoWaterRiver.com Renee LaTulippe (@ReneeMLaTulippe)

    I loved that poem! I still do! What makes it so great is that Kristy clearly called your “sanitize” and raised you a “rampant,” a “plague,” an “eliminate,” an “eradicate, an “expunge,” and a “demise.” Wow – I’d forgotten what we’re all up against!

    • http://www.thinkkidthink.com Ed DeCaria

      Re: “Wow – I’d forgotten what we’re all up against!” … Yeah, I thought this would create a little nervous energy among the authletes in addition to getting fans in the mood.

    • http://www.poetrytalents.com Gloson

      Agreed with Renee. Kristy’s choice of words was cleverly clever! Loved that poem. I’m really nervous inspired now! Thanks Ed!

  • http://www.itsrhymetime.com Tiffany Strelitz

    Oh, this top 10 of 2012 is totally getting me psyched up for 2013! Genius vocab in this one too!

  • http://www.mainelywrite.blogspot.com Donna

    I loved this poem. Last night I went back in time and reread poems from last year’s competition…just to refresh my memory…oh, the toughness, the courage, the tenacity, the humor, the intelligence (to know what some of those words meant), and the fun! I think I’ll give myself a word to warm up for the games!

  • http://www.allanwolf.com Allan wolf

    Wow. I caught a cold just from reading it!

  • http://catherinemjohnson.wordpress.com Catherine Johnson

    What a brilliant poem, I’m chuckling about Renee’s comment about what we are all up against. Don’t remind me! La, la, la, la, la.

  • http://julielarios.blogspot.com Julie Larios

    Not sure you have to create any “nervous energy” out there, Ed. It is electric already, and I am feeling a certain numbness from my brain to the soles of my feet. But thanks for posting these Top Tens – fun to remember how quick and clever people were last year. “Quick and clever” – OMG, see, that numbness has now spread to my big toe.

    • http://www.thinkkidthink.com Ed DeCaria

      Numb??? We’re just getting warmed up here …

  • Michele Krueger


    Settle down now, girl. Pace yourself!

  • http://Www.thinkinginrhyme.blogspot.com Mrs. Harvey

    I love the idea, Ed. I cant wait to see what comes next! It is great to hear that everyone is tingling with nervous energy!

  • http://www.teacherdance.blogspot.com/ Linda Baie

    Oh no, now I am nervous. I’ve been avoiding returning to read some of the poems, but I remember this one-very clever. Thanks for increasing our inspiration Ed, I think!

  • http://www.loridegman.com Lori Degman

    I’m getting nervous but also inspired – keep ‘em coming, Ed!

  • http://susantaylorbrown.com Susan Taylor Brown

    Love that you are posting your favorite Top 10 poems from last year, Ed. This one of Kristy’s showcase both her talent and her wonderful sense of humor. I admire those that can write funny poems.

  • http://www.lindaboyden.com Linda Boyden

    As many have said, this one is clever and I love the wordplay with words we don’t always use everyday. This year I will not be nervous (#liar) because I was last year and choked! Can’t wait to start!

  • Pamela Courtney

    Hahaa, how deliciously cunning! The lengths you’e gone to calming everyone’s jitters by posting last year’s amazing works. Why you old softie.

  • http://www.quinettecook.com Quinette Cook

    I tried leaving a message earlier, but it didn’t take. What I wanted to write is that I’m feeling a little whoozy when I start to think about the competition!