Ed’s Top Ten Favorite March Madness Poetry 2013 Poems: #8

We are now just eight days away from the start of the March Madness Poetry 2014 tournament! I continue the rundown of my top ten favorite poems from #MMPoetry 2013 with this fun, fast-paced story by J.J. Close, who turned one of the most controversial words of the infamous first round into something palatable — so to speak — for kids:

The Meretricious Red Delicious
By J. J. Close

The suspicious, meretricious, inauspicious, Red Delicious,
Looked absolutely edible and even quite nutritious.
You’d think that you could pick it up and have yourself a bite,
But don’t let it deceive you, ‘cause there’s something just not right.
You see, my friend, its inner parts have something rather wrong,
Yes, deep inside, there live some things that really don’t belong.
Two worker ants, three apple flies, will truly make you squirm,
But not as much as Meretrick, the apple eating worm!


J.J.’s poem captured 81% of the vote, moving him into the second round. Click here to see this poem as it originally appeared in #MMPoetry 2013.

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  • pennyklostermann

    I love this part of March Madness. It’s so fun to relive the poems. J.J. did an amazing job. I know I’m really going to miss the excitement of participating this year. But you gave me every chance, Ed. I’m just swamped right now. But…I will be an active fan, reader, word-spreader, and voter! Go March Madness 2014! Thanks for the fun, Ed!

  • Catherine Johnson


  • Jeanne Poland

    I ordered Digger, Dozer, Dumper for my Grandson who is obsessive about trucks. Thank you for the recommendations, Ed.

  • Dave Crawley

    So much for an apple a day…Great use of the word, though!

  • Dave Crawley

    Great use of the word. As for “an apple a day…”

  • Buffy Silverman

    Terrific use of a difficult word. I love that J.J. named his apple-eating worm after his very challenging word.

  • Josh

    Honored, Ed! I can only hope that I get a word that came so easily as this one did for me. I’d actually had this one written 15-30 minutes after I got the word. Meretricious led to Red Delicious led to Meretrick the Worm, and now he’s the mascot of my website! :)

  • Damon Dean

    J.J. had my utmost respect with this one! I will never forget Meretrick, that hungry fellow!