Ed’s Top Ten Favorite March Madness Poetry 2014 Poems: #4

We are now just four days away from the start of the March Madness Poetry 2015 tournament! Really, though, is it that exciting? Maybe it’s just another day … kinda like this poem by Lori Degman, #4 on my list of Top Ten favorite poems from March Madness Poetry 2014:


It’s Quotidian
by Lori Degman

I’m standing here, in Biscayne Bay. I plan to swim the day away.
But something’s nibbling on my foot. It looks like I’ll be staying put.
And now it’s halfway up my calf – there’s nothing left to do but laugh.
It’s past my knee and to my thigh; oh, that was quick – how time flies by.
Around the front it’s got my gut; around the back it’s got my butt.
It’s moving up; it’s at my chest – well, so much for my safety vest.
It’s worked its way up to my shoulder; don’t think I’ll be getting older.
I smell it now; it’s near my nose. Just two more inches – there it goes.
You’d think that I would be in shock from being swallowed by a croc.
But, really, it’s quotidian – that is . . .

if you’re Floridian.


I think most of us remember a similar story poem by Shel Silverstein, and perhaps a few less-well-executed attempts at mirroring it, but Lori really puts a unique twist on this one, perfectly capturing her prompt word in both setup and punchline. To her misfortune, she was matched up with eventual 2014 champion Samuel Kent, who delivered another terrific poem worthy of its narrow win, as Lori’s It’s Quotidian took the authlete vote 23-21 but lost the classroom vote 8-10 and the public vote 141-172! Click here to see this poem (and the one that beat it!) as it originally appeared in #MMPoetry 2014.

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  • BJ Lee

    LOVE, Lori Degman! Well executed!