How #MMPoetry Is Catching On, In 2 Easy Charts!

The March Madness Poetry 2015 authlete application window has been open now for exactly seven days. Things are going very well so far! Here’s how this year’s stack of applications compares to that of 2014 and 2013 (noting that 2012 authletes were admitted on a first-come, first-served basis).

First, a trend line showing the cumulative number of applications received by day for the first seven days:

March Madness Poetry Authlete Application Trend - Kids Poetry Contest

We are trending well ahead of both 2013 and 2014 in terms of total number of applications. But what really excites me is the following chart, which shows the split of the first seven days’ applications between “veteran” #MMPoetry applicants (those who have applied at least once before) and “newbie” applicants (those who are applying to participate for the first time):

March Madness Poetry Authlete Application Trend - Kids Poetry Contest

Other than a few posts in the Poetry section and the Writing Contests section of the SCBWI forums, I’ve not even done much yet to encourage people to apply.

Instead, it’s been all of you who have generated most of the buzz this year. For example, take this nice tweet:

… which generated a good number of click-throughs, as have your Facebook posts and the like.

It is wonderful (and personally rewarding) to see interest in the event continue to grow among (what I’ll dispassionately call) “the supply side” of the equation (readers being “the demand side”). While it is certainly true that an event like this would not be worthwhile without readers, it is equally true that it would simply not exist without writers.

Please keep spreading the word to new potential authletes — and #MMPoetry veterans please start sending in those applications yourselves — and together we’ll make this the best #MMPoetry tournament yet.

Thank you all for your continued support!


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  • deborahhwilliams

    Should be another great year of fun poetry!

  • Josh Close

    Posted to Rhymezone forums – not sure how many children’s poets frequent those forums, but should bring a few new authletes!


    • Ed DeCaria

      Thanks, JJ. I only discovered the RZ forums by accident a month or so ago. Had it on my own list to post about #MMPoetry there next week.