I’m Not Talking to Myself. I’m Practicing Listening.

No one’s ever going to read the first post of a new blog. So why not start with something harmless (forewarning: future posts may be harmful) like a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ message?

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  You’re the tops.  (I’m 30-something and don’t watch TV anymore other than baseball games and Chopped — I can only assume that kids today still say “you’re the tops” like they did on the old shows that I watched when I was young.)

I’m such a sweet boy, using my blog debut to say Happy Mother’s Day. How could anyone not like me?


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  • http://www.nowaterriver.com/ Renee LaTulippe

    I always read the first post of new blogs and old blogs alike because I like to see where, why, and how people begin. This was very informative.