How To Get Out The Vote? Promote!

By all accounts, Madness! 2012 has been a success so far. Thank you all for making it so!

Now it’s time to kick it up a notch.

In Round 1, we averaged 154 votes per poetry pairing. Not bad! But I think that we can collectively do an even better job of getting these great poems in front of more teachers, parents, and kids.

“How?” you ask? (Cool — I can make you ask anything I want just by typing it!)

The above chart overlays vote count with the number of Facebook shares and tweets that I recorded for each matchup post. The correlation screams out at you. SHARING = VOTES. Look at that matchup between Greg Pincus and Dave Crawley (4-wired vs. 13-falsetto). It was shared on Facebook 186 times and tweeted 29 times, and as a result had far and away the highest vote total of Round 1, with 449 votes. The story is the same elsewhere.

To better understand the exact relationship, I ran a few variables (# facebook shares, # tweets, and poll end time) through a simple linear regression model to see what popped out as drivers of higher vote totals:

Poll end time proved an insignificant variable. Though more time would obviously equal more votes, it is not as significant as either Facebook shares or tweets.

So I removed that, and ran the model with only Facebook shares and tweets. No contest — tweeting, while much appreciated(!), has no meaningful statistical effect when compared to Facebook.

So … here is your mission, whether or not you wish to accept it: SHARE THE MADNESS ON FACEBOOK! Every time that you share a link to a Madness! 2012 poll on Facebook, it generates +2 votes for that poll. And that finding is significant at the 99.9999999999% level.

The Round 2, Flight 1 polls that closed last night averaged 192 votes each, which is a 24% improvement over Round 1. That’s great, but I think there are more than 192 people in the world who love kids’ poetry …

Don’t you?


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  • Pam

    You mean, had I done more sharing on facebook, I could’ve gotten 2o votes, instead of 10? You mean my lacking skill set could have reigned? Drats! Loved this contest. Great work, Ed! You still amaze me with the level and amount of work you’ve put into this. You’ve created a new community and we thank you!

  • Pam

    Although, I will share more during the contest. Everyone is hearing about it.

  • Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

    I share on all the social media I got…but maybe my friends are shy? Curious! a.

    • Susan Taylor Brown

      Amy, I’m wondering the same thing.