All Madness! 2012 Round 4 Poems Are Posted – Cast Your Votes

Hello. Just a quick post to alert everyone that all Regional Finals (Round 4) poems have been posted. Visit the Live Scoreboard to read, comment, and vote on all four Round 4 matchups (eight great poems in all), all from a central location. The winners here will head to the Final Four!

All four of these matchups are shaping up to be VERY tight, so the question is: which poem from each matchup moves YOU?

Help these poets spread their work far and wide. Everyone could use a bit of kids’ poetry in their lives, don’t you think?

Please share either THIS post or the Live Scoreboard page rather than (or in addition to) individual matchup pages to encourage visitors to read every poem. Our Elite Eight poets have written some amazing entries and all deserve to be read.


(Enough from me: GO VOTE!)


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  • JRPoulter

    Wonderful assortment of poetry – all sorts of flavours!

  • Kristie

    I vote for pusillanimous by Suzy Blackaby

  • Marcia

    I vote for Suz Blackaby

    • susan colburn

      Maybe it’s too late to vote. .but Suz B’s wordplay reminds me of the way my 32 lb
      german shorthair puppy careens and waggles her 32 lbs around the iris bed in our garden.

  • Marie Helen Turner

    Susan Blackaby’s poem is outstanding!

  • sandy

    1 vote for Suz Blackaby!!!
    Her poem is Wonderful, Outstanding,Great!!! I loved it

    • Ed DeCaria

      Well, I agree with you that it was a great poem, and Suz will appreciate your comment, but that poll has closed! -Ed