March Madness Poetry 2013: Don’t Miss The Madness!

Attention Kids’ Poets:

Are you looking for a new kind of poetic challenge? Don’t miss your chance to participate in this year’s March Madness Poetry tournament (codename: #MMPoetry)! Last year’s event was praised as “A mini-version of the Hunger Games”, “An epic event”, and “Total crazy fun”. What else do you call it when a bunch of talented writers hang out, talk trash, crack jokes, and still manage to bang out 126 new poems in just three weeks?!?

#MMPoetry is truly a month-long celebration of poetry — shared by writers, kids, teachers, librarians, parents, friends, and readers everywhere — leading up to April’s official National Poetry Month festivities.

The deadline to apply is THIS SUNDAY, February 10th, at 11:59pm. Learn more here.

Many of last year’s authletes will be back for at least one more round of word-induced madness this year, but many talented new competitors will be entering the ring as well.

We’ve already got plenty of applications, so make sure your (very short) app is good before you submit, and please don’t be late because there’s lots yet to do between now and tipoff on March 10th!

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  • Jeanne Poland

    You funny, funny man!
    I’m loving all this farm team banter.
    Dribble, dribble, dribble.
    Jeanne Poland

  • Donna

    Have you been able to address the issue of classes of students not being able to vote, due to IP addresses? Like when one class votes, and another class comes to the lab to vote then and can’t log their votes now because the IP address has already had a voter. Is there some way more than one class can vote at a school? Or will each student have to vote at home later?

    • Ed DeCaria

      It’s something that I can control, and last year I enforced IP address checks intentionally. I don’t have a way (yet) to allow pre-approved IPs to vote multiple times, and opening it up completely is a risk.