Minor Quibbles About the 2013 Cybils Poetry Award

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by Ed DeCaria

My 4-year-old rejects her meals
then begs for snacks and nibbles

My 2-year-old sees fit to fill
our walls with Sharpie scribbles

My infant son finds puking fun,
but those are minor quibbles:

I’m hopped-up! Happy! HYPER! … WHY?

I’m judging this year’s Cybils!

© 2013 Ed DeCaria, All Rights Re…You know what? You can do whatever you want with that one.

I am pleased to again serve on the panel charged with selecting the most distinguished kids’ poetry books of 2013. I was a second round judge last year, which was pretty intense because of the finality of our decision. As a first round judge this year, I expect a similarly engaging (if a bit less pressure-packed) experience trying to agree with my colleagues on a short list of candidates for 2013’s Cybils poetry award.

Learn more about the 2013 Cybils poetry judges and get ready to nominate your favorite kids’ or young adult poetry books soon!

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  • Samuel Kent

    Congratulations, Ed! I’m excited for you and know you’ll add a lot to the panel with your sharp eye and keen sense for outstanding poetry.

    • http://www.thinkkidthink.com/ Ed DeCaria

      Hey, thanks! Should be fun …

      p.s. All comments welcome on the new font I’m using for TKT posts/pages and my implementation of the Disqus commenting system.

      • Quinette Cook

        I think it’s great. Nice and contemporary. Easy on the eyes. How do you like Disqus?

  • Renee LaTulippe

    Congrats, Ed! I’m glad you’re in the first round – I know you’ll send us some good stuff!!!

  • http://www.glosonblog.com Gloson

    Hahahaha! Congratulations. What a fun rhyming way to tell your readers about it. =)

  • Laura Shovan

    Enjoy, Ed! Thanks for representing the Poetry Friday gang at this year’s CYBILS.

  • BJ Lee

    Fun poem, Ed! Can’t wait to follow the Cybil’s process!

  • http://www.wandsandworlds.com/blog1 SheilaRuth

    This is great, I love it! I have no quibbles!

    • http://www.thinkkidthink.com/ Ed DeCaria

      You know I’m just trying to earn extra special coverage for the poetry category this year, right, Sheila?

  • Damon Dean

    Congratulations Ed for such a panelisemous honor! You will indeed add a whole level of expertise. I haven’t followed Cybils before but I plan to now. And the font is easy on old eyes like mine. Looks great.

  • julie krantz

    Congrats, Ed!

  • jone

    Fabuloous, Ed. Thanks.

    • http://www.thinkkidthink.com/ Ed DeCaria

      Sorry if I scared you with the title there, Jone.

  • Janet F.

    Well, my first pithy comment disappeared, but hopefully I am going to have a better go this time around. tech-wise. Congratulations on being a Cybils Judge again, Ed. I am sure you will bring clarity, experience and good humor to the discussion. I would imagine you might have given Jone a moment’s pause with your quibbling, but children are the best. They keep us real and honest and aware. Too bad some of those without and some no longer with kids around, forget what it is really like. A microcosm of the world, I would say. Anyhow, Bon Appepoem! to all judges!

  • Violet N.

    Have fun! And you might want to keep your 2-yr-old and infant away from those books!

  • April Halprin Wayland

    Love this poem, Ed–I wouldn’t fiddle with a word of it.

  • Quinette Cook

    You will be fantastic! Congrats.

  • Stephanie Farrow

    They couldn’t have asked a more perfect person, Ed. Enjoy!