MMPoetry 2013: Round 1 Flight 1 Matchups Underway

March Madness Poetry 2013 has officially begun!

Here are the words that have been assigned to our authletes so far …

Humor Region
1-random (Linda Baie) vs. 16-gaiety (Renee LaTulippe)
8-adroit (Michele Krueger) vs. 9-stratum (Kai K. Zander)
5-dismissal (Stephen W. Cahill) vs. 12-tincture (Donna Smith)
4-layered (Linda Boyden) vs. 13-wassailing (Angie Breault)

Empathy Region
6-cairn (Mary Lee Hahn) vs. 11-claque (Lori Degman)
3-imminent (Charles Waters) vs. 14-denuded (Suz Blackaby)
7-herculean (M.M. Socks) vs. 10-hypocrisy (Heidi Mordhorst)
2-fickle (Laura Salas) vs. 15-anthropomorphization (Melinda Harvey)

Logic Region
1-potion (Anna J. Boll) vs. 16-bastardized (Elizabeth Brahy)
8-razed (Marileta Robinson) vs. 9-dilatory (Hannah Ruth Wilde)
5-supple (Tiffany Strelitz Haber) vs. 12-equivocations (Gayle C. Krause)
4-caulk (Kathy Ellen Davis) vs. 13-venal (Gloson Teh)

Passion Region
6-inbound (Michele A. Norman) vs. 11-abscond (Nessa Morris)
3-influx (Quinette Cook) vs. 14-lugubrious (Julie Krantz)
7-chisel (Catherine Johnson) vs. 10-hubris (Liz Steinglass)
2-mesh (Bruce Balan) vs. 15-sextuple (Dave Crawley)

The other 16 authletes will receive their words tomorrow. Voting on the matchups above will begin on Wednesday morning, March 13th.

Enjoy the madness …

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  • Eric Ode

    Oof! Plenty of head-scratchers on this list! I’m trying to imagine using Melinda’s anthropomorphization in a tightly metered poem considering the fact that it has no meter. Looks like free verse fodder to me! Good luck, Melinda!

  • Ed DeCaria

    What, you don’t always write in dactyl double trochees, Eric?

  • Eric Ode

    Urp. Is that a real poetic form, Ed? Man, I am in such deep trouble!

    • Ed DeCaria

      I think you should start all of your comments with a three-letter exclamation.

  • Eric Ode

    I’ll tell you what, Ed. Once the second matchups are posted, I will do everything I can to open my poem with a three-letter exclamation. Bonus points if I succeed?

  • Ed DeCaria

    Sorry, I only get one vote, so you’ll have to play to the crowd!

  • Cara Slavens

    Don’t worry Eric – I am completely intimidated by the prospect of our words tomorrow. I think you should turn yours in a few hours late so I’m guaranteed a couple of votes!

  • Dave Crawley

    “Sextuple?” Yikes! First thing I have to do is see if it rhymes with “supple” or “scruple.” Win or lose, I’ll learn something from the experience…

    • Ed DeCaria

      Funny you mention this, Dave, because I remember your 13-falsetto poem from last year where you used “Loreto” (which I vividly remember reading as “lor-A-toh” and tripped up on your next rhymes with libretto and falsetto).

      So yeah, there’s that OTHER little problem of how will everyone else read the word “sextuple” as well …

  • Laura Shovan

    If I’d been assigned the word “wassailing” I’d be drinking a whole lot of wassail right now.

  • Quinette Cook

    Even the lower seeded words seem challenging. Or maybe it’s just me. Better get writing. Only 24 hours remaining. Yikes!

  • Ed DeCaria

    No, Quinette, you are right. I would say the words are definitely more challenging this year. At the endpoints — the 1’s and 2’s and 15’s and 16’s, you aren’t going to see as much of a difference, but in the middle there is a definite lean toward more difficult words. Words that might have gotten a 6-8 seed last year got 3-5 seeds this year. Words that might have gotten a 9-11 seed last year got 6-8 seeds this year. And there are more words that would have gotten 12-14 seeds last year spread as far down as 9. Think of it as a recalibration. And not in your favor!

  • Carrie Finison

    You’re quite a word magpie, Ed. I’m excited (petrified?) for tonight’s words.

  • Dave Crawley

    Rhymes with “pupil” and “super-dooople”

  • Melinda Harvey

    Thanks, Eric! I counted and recounted my syllables, getting the meter as close to perfect as possible. I am curious to see what the masses think! Have fun with your word!

  • Tiffany Strelitz

    This truly IS madness!

  • Quinette Cook

    To that I say “Yikes!”

  • Quinette Cook

    The anticipation was killer, but it was worth the wait. Congrats to all the Round 1 Flight 1 “authletes” for putting out some pretty spectacular poems!

    Ed, hope you’re in bed (resting)!

  • Joe Mohr

    Great round 1 flight 1 poems! Many tight match-ups that will go down to the wire. Good luck to all!

  • Franklyn Dickson

    Go Laura!