#MMPoetry 2013: Round 4 Words Unveiled

Congratulations to the Elite Eight! Revisit the Scoreboard and Bracket to see how they got here.

Here are the matchups and word assignments for the Regional Finals (Round 4). Winners from this round will advance to The Final Four.

Authletes: Your poems are due at 9am Central Monday, 3/25. There is still a 16-line limit in place for this round.

16-manifestation (Renée M. LaTulippe)
7-harbor (Marcus Ewert)

4-decent (Buffy Silverman)
7-replenished (M. M. Socks)

8-irksome (Marileta Robinson)
6-acknowledge (Cheryl Lawton Malone)

9-triad (Samuel W. Kent)
15-beneficiary (Dave Crawley)

Individual matchup pages will be posted after the poems have been received.

Enjoy the madness …

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