#MMPoetry 2014 Grand Prize Giveaway!

#MMPoetry 2014 is over, but the fun hasn’t stopped yet.

This year we invited classrooms to participate directly in #MMPoetry as part of the Official Classroom Vote. To entice classrooms to register, we dangled an amazing prize in front of their eyes — a bookshelf of 50 (FIFTY!) new kids’ poetry books for their classroom!

Bookshelf of FIFTY Kids Poetry Books

Throughout this year’s tournament, each official voting classroom earned one chance to win for each vote cast during #MMPoetry 2014. To qualify for the grand prize, classrooms had to vote in at least four matchups. Here is the list of qualifying classrooms along with the number of chances they earned:

63 Kimberly Alley (Class #1)
56 Erin Makela
56 Katya Czaja
56 Mary Lee Hahn
49 Skila Brown
48 Argyro Paspalas
46 Tom Pichan
39 Ann Berghoff
35 Rebecca Brown
34 Kristen Winiecki
32 Angela Kostraba
31 Kimberly Alley (Class #2)
31 Teresa Young (Class #1)
28 Holly Ritchey
27 Jim Hoeft
27 Lori Wright
26 Melissa Martin
22 Margaret Simon
21 Ashlee Glasscock
20 Mrs. Harvey
19 Chrissie Devinney
18 Mrs. Rogers
17 Melody Netzer
15 Christi Colvin
15 Jaime Nelson
15 Monica Neff
15 Mr. Richards
14 Mary Carlson
13 Teresa Young (Class #2)
11 Kerry Darby
11 Robyn Campbell
10 Breda Annis (Class #1)
10 Cari Kust
9 Alexandria Favazza
8 Mary Skelly
7 Kortney Garrison
7 Molly Kellogg
7 Rebekah Hoeft
7 Sherry Lovett
6 Christi Hamlin
6 Gail Poulin
6 Lori Vetterkind
6 Teresa Young (Class #3)
5 Kellie Spenst
5 Kristina Lozada
4 Breda Annis (Class #2)
4 Elissa Hoole

Please join me in saying THANK YOU to the educators listed (and their students) for participating this year.

Now, I had planned a more interesting “lottery” style unveiling of the grand-prize winning classroom — I created a cool little box that cycled through all of the names (weighted to the number of chances they had) and at exactly 11:59am CDT today I was going to let the box spin for one minute and then stop at exactly noon to reveal the winner — BUT I but wasn’t able to record it as I had hoped. I still used the magic box, but I regret that you’ll have to settle for simply reading the name of the winner below. Scroll down the page when ready!

And the grand prize winner is …

Winner of the #MMPoetry 2014 Grand Prize Giveaway

Congratulations, Tom!

Tom and his students voted in 46 matchups during #MMPoetry 2014 — an amazing commitment to the event! Tom, please send me your address and I will coordinate the shipping of the books to you and your students!

Authletes: Be on the lookout for a note from me about how to delivery your book to Tom and his students.

Thank you again to ALL of the kids who participated and the educators who facilitated their involvement. Together, you made #MMPoetry 2014 an event to remember, and to build upon for years to come.


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  • Ryan Stockton

    Congratulations Tom!!!!!

  • http://closejj.wix.com/meretricktheworm Josh Close

    Hey Ed – just a question… may already be taken care of – but what happens if many of the authletes send the same poetry book? It’d be ideal that he didn’t receive 50 copies of the same 3-4 books.

    • http://www.thinkkidthink.com/ Ed DeCaria

      I will try to address that in my e-mail to everyone.

      • http://motherstreusel.com/ Mother Streusel

        I don’t think I got the email.

  • Dave Crawley

    You hit the Children’s Book Lottery! Congrats!

  • BJ Lee

    Congratulations Tom!

  • Miranda Paul

    Congrats, Tom! How old are your students? What grade(s)? I’d love to send a book that your readers will get the most out of. Woohoo for voting in 46 matchups. Hope we all dazzled your students… :)

  • Donna Smith

    Congratulations, Tom and Company! It was great to have you all aboard!

  • Debbie B. LaCroix

    Awesome! Congrats!

  • Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

    Congratulations Tom! Thank you to all of the teachers who support and encourage children’s poetry in school and in life, and a great BIG thanks to all of the student readers and voters as well!

  • Rebekah Hoeft

    Congrats, Tom!

  • Damon Dean

    Congratulations Tom and Class! Thanks for your engagement in this great contest!

  • Tom Pichan

    Thanks, everyone! My 3rd and 4th graders loved the contest!

    • http://motherstreusel.com/ Mother Streusel

      I’m so glad! That’s a fun age!

  • http://teacherdance.blogspot.com Linda Baie

    Wonderful dedication and I hope experience. Congratulation to Tom and his students!

  • Angie Karcher

    Congratulations and THANK YOU Tom! And congratulations to your kiddos who read so much poetry this month! Well done! We need more teachers like you and your peers in the list above that helped your kids find their way to poetry. My applause to everything you guys do but this is extra special!

  • http://motherstreusel.com/ Mother Streusel

    Congratulations!!! So exciting!!!

  • http://www.pgwrites.com Patti Bumpus Richards

    Congratulations Tom! What a great experience for you and your students! Hope the kids just love the poetry books!

  • Catherine Johnson

    Congrats, Tom!