#MMPoetry 2014: The Final Four Words Unveiled

Congratulations to the #MMPoetry Final Four! (See the updated tournament bracket to see the path they traveled to get here.)

They are exhilarated and exhausted and eagerly awaiting their FIFTH word of the tournament, so without delay …

Authletes: Here are your words!

*incontinent (B.J. Lee)
*kerfuffle (J.J. Close)

*confabulation (Karyn Linnell)
*defenestrate (Samuel Kent)

Poems are due by 8:00am Central Daylight Time on Friday, April 4th.

Authletes, there is no line limit for poems in the last two rounds. If you write a novel in verse, I will post it! (Though I cannot guarantee that anyone will read it.)

Enjoy the madness …

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  • Miranda Paul

    Fun! Exciting! What a kerfuffle!

  • http://www.glosonblog.com Gloson

    Josh, your word is fluffy and Karyn, your word is fabulous. 8)

    • http://motherstreusel.com/ Mother Streusel

      Wow…these are some tough and awesome words. I’m excited to see what happens.

  • Elizabeth McBride

    Hey All! Some fabulous words out there for you! Enjoy surprising us with what you do. I am looking forward to reading your extraordinary work; I know you will do marvelous things. I wish you good luck, lots of vitamins to keep going, and enough open time to feel that you are giving it your best. Blessings to you all.

    • http://motherstreusel.com/ Mother Streusel


  • Quinette Cook

    I like the words. Have fun authletes. I can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  • monkey man

    kefuffle is a annoyance I think