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  • On 3/20, the second day of the tournament, 32 different matchups (64 poems) are all up for vote at the same time. Classrooms that can vote on 3/20 in addition to other days are especially welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is #MMPoetry?

#MMPoetry stands for March Madness Poetry. Here’s an overview of the event.

Why do you need “official” voting classrooms in #MMPoetry?

Unlike previous years where the public vote alone determined the winner, in 2014, #MMPoetry authletes must win two of three of the following separate votes to win their matchup:

  1. Public vote
  2. Classroom vote – this is where you come in!
  3. Authlete vote

The classroom vote is comprised of a pre-screened sample of official voting classrooms. Each classroom in the sample submits their official vote for each #MMPoetry 2014 matchup via a specially-designed poll. Votes are then tallied and whichever poem receives the most votes wins the classroom vote for that matchup.

Does my classroom need to vote in EVERY matchup to officially participate?

No. We recognize that classroom time may be limited, so you can commit to vote in as few as four (4) matchups — roughly a 20-minute commitment — and still serve as an official voting classroom. The exact date(s) of your participation can be pre-arranged to fit your calendar.

What technology is required to participate as an official voting classroom?

An internet connection. A computer or mobile device. Ideally an electronic projector. That’s it.

What exactly is required of students?

Students must read (or listen to) both poems in each matchup at least once — preferably more than once. Older classrooms or otherwise strong reading groups should read the poems themselves rather than have the poems read to them aloud. After reading, the teacher/sponsor should collect students’ votes and tally them to determine the overall choice of the classroom. Then the class must submit its vote electronically via the designated poll.

Can a homeschooled family/community participate as an official voting classroom?

Absolutely! Students are students, and all are welcome as #MMPoetry voters. And if there is anything that TKT can do to better accommodate your particular situation, just drop us a note.

Will we be able to practice before the real vote?

Yes! There will be one formal practice round prior to the start of the event. You will be able to conduct the practice vote at your convenience over a two-week period.

Do we get anything in return for serving as an official voting classroom?

Yes! For every official vote that you submit, you will be given one chance to win the grand prize of 50 (FIFTY!) new kids’ poetry books for your classroom. Your votes can also earn you other poetry prizes throughout the tournament. Finally, all official voting classrooms will be listed prominently on a page on the Think, Kid, Think! website for all visitors to see.

That’s all in addition to getting to do a fun, interactive classroom activity that combines reading, vocabulary, math, and technology into something that students will truly enjoy.

What specific books will be included in the giveaway?

Each #MMPoetry 2014 authlete is contributing one new kids’ poetry book to the giveaway. So the exact titles won’t be known until the start of the tournament. But since the authletes are being asked to contribute one of their personal favorites, what we do know is that the prize will be AMAZING!

How do we register?

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