#MMPoetry 2015: Round Six (The Finals) Words Unveiled

This is it: The Finals!

We’ve now made it through five full rounds, going from 64 authletes all the way down to two, and what a pair they are. In this year’s finale, we feature the now winningest authlete in March Madness Poetry history, Buffy Silverman, versus the only undefeated authlete in March Madness Poetry history, Randi Sonenshine. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say we are eagerly awaiting what these two poetesses create in this, the 63rd and final matchup of this year’s tournament.

I’ll remind everyone that, similar to last round, the word prompts for The Finals were not assigned by me! Rather, these words were first suggested by one of our Round One or Round Two non-winners, then selected from that looooooong list by our Round Three non-winners as some of their favorites, and then after being first picked through by our Round Four non-winners last round, have been specifically chosen from the remaining list of ten words by our two Round Five non-winners to assign to Buffy and Randi. And in one final funny twist, both Renée and Tiffany selected the SAME WORD as their first choice to assign, so according to the rules Randi will be assigned Tiffany’s second choice. So, without further delay, I present to you one of my personal favorite word pairings in the history of this event:

*gargoyles (Buffy Silverman)
*catatonic (Randi Sonenshine)

Authletes: Poems are due by 8am Central Daylight Time on Wednesday morning, April 1st (and this is no joke!). Again, there is no poem length limit for Round Six. Still note, however, that poems that do not use the assigned word correctly will not be posted; you will need to edit and re-submit to meet that requirement.

The authlete who wins 2 out of 3 of the Public Vote, the Authlete Vote, and the Classroom Vote will be crowned the March Madness Poetry 2015 Champion!

Enjoy the madness …

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  • http://closejj.wix.com/meretricktheworm Josh Close

    LOL! That was my favorite word-choice on my short-list Ed. I honestly did not think it was going to fly – and to see it chosen by both Renee AND Tiffany is pretty funny haha! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with Buffy!

    Good luck finalists! I remember this time last year, felt like so much pressure on the final round. I know both will be great though!

  • Damon Dean

    The poets burn the midnight oil.
    O’er chosen words, in frantic toil,
    They labor, wrenching heart and brain
    for rhyme and meter to sustain
    their meteoric rise before us–
    Hey! Who stole the danged thesaurus?

    • Randi

      I LOVE this, Damon!