Words are unveiled between 8pm and 9pm Central Time on the day indicated above.
Poems are due by 9am Central Time on the day indicated.
Polls will open by 12pm Central time on the day indicated.
Polls will close at the time indicated on each poll — closing times are spaced out so that no two polls close simultaneously.

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  • Greg Pincus

    Your color-coded geekiness makes me so happy, I can’t even tell you! Thanks for all your work on the Madness, Ed.

  • Elizabeth Brahy

    Thanks for the calendar, Ed. As we seem to be pretty spread out around the world, can you let us know exactly what time the poems are due?

  • Ed DeCaria

    The poems are due exactly 36 hours after your word is posted. All words should be made available between 8-9pm Central Time on the nights they are posted, so for ease of communication, they will all be due at 9am Central Time two days later.

    To be more explicit for the first round, Round 1 Flight 1 poems are due Wednesday morning 9am. Round 1 Flight 2 poems are due Thursday morning 9am.

    For those who participated last year, note that I am ending the Flight 1-2 division after Round 2 this year. In 2012, the flights persisted through Round 3.

  • Gloson Teh

    I got what you mean by “Pinch Day” 10 seconds after reading it. You “pinch” the flights together! :D

  • Quinette Cook

    Printed. Posted. Ready to go.