Community Building

#MMPoetry fans: Want to become a bigger part of the community during the 2013 tournament?

Here are a few ways to do it:

Subscribe to the TKT new posts feed. In addition to getting notifications as soon as each wave of #MMPoetry poems goes live, you will also see other event updates, statistics, and thought starters, which generate a good bit of discussion in the Comments section of each post.

Read everyone else’s comments, and leave your own! There’s so much more to #MMPoetry than just the poems. The back-and-forth banter between authletes and fans (for example, here) is just as entertaining. Join us!

Register with Gravatar so people can SEE who you are when you comment. No one likes to converse with an auto-generated monster icon. Gravatar is a simple, passive program that will render your picture or avatar (linked to your e-mail address) whenever you comment on WordPress-powered sites (like this one) and other webpages that use Gravatar.

Like the Ed at Think Kid Think Facebook page. I will be posting “sharable moments” from #MMPoetry throughout March to help kids’ poetry reach a wider audience through our collective Likes/Shares/Comments. I also recommend that you Like as many of the authlete’s Facebook fan pages as you can, as they represent diverse perspectives and interests that can lead you to previously unknown poetry treasures.

Add me and all of the authletes to your Google+ circles. I will (attempt to) facilitate Google Hangouts (video chats) between #MMPoetry authletes and potentially even fans, which will then be posted to YouTube.

Follow @edecaria and all of the authletes on Twitter. I will be issuing frequent scoreboard updates and live-tweeting all final results. It’s also fun to see what’s on each authlete’s mind while they’re writing or watching the votes stream in. (Poets are adorable when they’re nervous.) Follow and use hashtag #MMPoetry or even if you don’t use Twitter you can still peek in by visiting TKT’s Chatter page. Twitter also has a neat “embed tweet” feature where you can easily copy the image of the tweet and share it however else you’d like.

Contribute your own #MMPoetry-related posts through the TKT Outside Coverage feed. Write your own content on your own site, then submit a brief summary and link, and it will appear on the left sidebar on TKT and on the Outside Coverage page available from the main #MMPoetry 2013 drop-down menu. It’s a great way to invite the #MMPoetry community to read YOUR poetry insights — or your poetry — right from your own home(page).

Have an another community-building idea that I should add to the list? Share it in the comments! (See how easy?)