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Alison HertzI write and illustrate children's picture books, chapter books, and mid grade fiction. I am a former circus performer, toy designer, teacher, and summer camp director. I believe in following dreams. My pb, FLAP!, released in Nov 2012. SCBWI member.
Allan WolfTravels the country reciting poetry for all ages. Writes historical novels in verse, like The Watch That Ends the Night: Voices from the Titanic (Candlewick Press).
Ana PaestI was born on the web just a short while ago. My anonymous self doesn't wish to be known. I'm a girl with a face and a secret to hide.
Angie BreaultI am a wife and a mother of five children, aged one to nine. I love writing of all kinds, and I find my inspiration in my children, my family, my God, and any other place that I should happen to stumble across it. Let the writing begin!
Anna J. BollPoet, Author, Illustrator, Educator, Anna J. Boll has been on 11 year adventure to further her craft and connect with the best people on Earth-- the kidlit community. She has two sons, and one fur daughter. Anna rows, bikes, swims, and reads a lot!
Ann MageeSomething interesting about me is I am an identical twin who's husband also has an identical twin. I am a teacher who's always loved teaching writing best, a mom who's chronicled her children's growth through journaling and scrapbooking. I love everything Irish.
April Halprin WaylandI'm ½ author, ½ poet, ½ not good at fractions. I blog with, teach in UCLA Extension's Writer's Program, and am a founding member of ChildrensAuthorsNetwork.com
Bruce BalanSailing around the world, you'd think I'd have plenty of time to write. But there is always so much to do. Still, I write one poem each day. Sometimes I throw them into the sea. None have been thrown back. Yet.
Buffy SilvermanAuthor of more than sixty nonfiction books for children, and many nature-inspired poems. Mom of two adult children, wife to one semi-adult biologist. Lover of books, bugs, birds, and words. Puzzle addict.
Callie C. MillerA desert child, Callie chases mirages and searches for shade. In recent history she studied film at the University of Arizona. Now she's tumbling through the MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. It's love.
Cara SlavensReading has been one of my favorite things since I can remember. Not surprising that I would end up working in a library. Or writing for children. Or both!
Carrie FinisonCarrie Finison tries to read, write, and rhyme every day. She writes poetry, short stories, and picture books, and her work has appeared in children's magazines. She is terribly pleased, and pleasantly terrified, to be an authlete.
Catherine JohnsonCatherine Johnson is a British Ex-pat who enjoys writing poems and picture books at home in Canada. She also has a black belt and speaks three languages or four if you include Yorkshire ;)
Charles WatersChildren's Poet/ Professional Actor/ Poems published in 5 books in the past year including THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BOOK OF ANIMAL POETRY edited by J. Patrick Lewis.
Cheryl Lawton MaloneBesides being a poet, freelance writer, attorney, teacher and MFA grad, I have a husband, three grown kids, an Irish dog, another Irish dog on the way. I love all genres of creative writing, but kids' poetry is my favorite.
Damon DeanDamon writes for children and grown-ups who love to wonder, and poetry is part of that effort. A retired educator, he lives in southeast Arkansas.
Dave CrawleyAuthor: "Cat Poems," "Dog Poems," & "Reading, Rhyming, and 'Rithmetic" (Boyds Mills Press). Visits schools on Author Days. Day job: Reporter, KDKA-TV News (CBS) in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Deborah Holt WilliamsI grew up in New England, but I love living out west, in the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. This past year I remembered how much I enjoyed poetry.
Donna SmithLover of poetry, sweet potatoes, word games, technology, the ocean, cool breezes, family, drawing, singing and cats. These may not be in the correct order. My husband and I live on the coast of Maine, and we have 2 grown children.
Doraine BennettGrandmother, mom, wife, flower gardener, magazine editor, nonfiction children's author, poet, caregiver. Solitary, but sociable. Good listener. Wish I could dance like I do in my head.
Elizabeth BrahyElizabeth Brahy is a translator and blogger who lives in Paris, France with her husband and two children. She loves movies, podcasts and poetry (for kids and adults).
Eric OdeAuthor, songwriter, poet, coffee drinker, jazz lover, husband, and father of two. Sasquatch Books/Random House releases Eric's newest book of poetry, Sea Star Wishes - Poems from the Coast, April 2. He thinks you ought to buy a copy!
Gayle C. KrauseGayle C. Krause is the author of ROCK STAR SANTA, a rhyming picture book, RATGIRL: Song of the Viper, a YA dystopian novel, and contributor in And The Crowd Goes Wild, poetry anthology. She's a member of SCBWI and The Poets' Garage.
Gloson TehGloson is a 15-year-old poet who started writing poetry at age 9. He has authored two books so far. He likes to exaggerate and rhyme with silliness. He also occasionally gives poet visits to schools to flabbergast kids with his poems.
Greg PincusI write novels and poetry and screenplays and emails and status updates and blog posts and birthday cards and more. I've been known to read and drink coffee. I bat and throw righty.
Hannah Ruth WildeHannah is a writer of children's poetry and prose, and teaches English. She walks with her pokey old dog, Sam, and climbs trees often.
Heidi MordhorstHeidi teaches kindergarten at a large public school in suburban MD, and squeezes poetry both into and out of this little universe as often as possible. She enters the competition on her 49th birthday and hopes to garner at least a few sympathy votes.
J.J. CloseI'm a 22 year old college student whose dream is to get my work published and make a career out of my writing. I love to write rhyming poetry and stories, and reading my stories and poems out loud to kids!
Jen KelleyJen loves to play with words. She dabbles in children's stories and poetry when the mood strikes, and frequently breaks into spontaneous haiku.
Jim HillFlaming Snot Rockets! Mild mannered designer by day, children's book creator by night. Jim is a member of the SCBWI, on the board of the Cape Cod Writing Center, and pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing for Children & Young Adults at VCFA.
Joe MohrJoe created the Hank D and the Bee comic and is a cartoonist for Yes magazine and a handful of other publications. He also illustrates for Pacha's Pajamas. Joe's first book of poetry, Robot+Bike=Kitten:35 Poems of JoeMs, is coming out this spring.
Julie KrantzA full-time poet, picture book writer and novelist, Julie's work can be found in Spider Magazine, the SCBWI National Bulletin, and various other print and online forums. Her first middle grade novel, Stella Bellarosa, was published in 2012.
Julie LariosJulie Larios teaches in the Writing for Children program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her poetry for adults has been included twice in The Best American Poetry series. She has published four books of poetry for children. She's a little crazy.
Kai K. ZanderOnce upon a time there was a girl who loved to write. Then she grew up and forgot. Then one day she magically remembered. Oh, and she has a 4-legged sidekick named James Bond. The End.
Kathy Ellen DavisKathy Ellen Davis doesn't have a middle name, but she has two first names, so she's ok with that. She spends her days teaching children, reading and writing picture books, making art, and spending time with her sock monkey, Singe Singe.
Katya CzajaKatya is a seashell gatherer, a rockhound, and a tide-pool explorer. She's also a reader, a scribbler, a shutterbug, and a poet.
Ken SlesarikI'm a poet and special education teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. When not teaching or spending time with my kids I can be found pursuing my other passion as a children's poet.
Laura SalasI write all sorts of stuff, but poetry is my favorite! My two newest books are BOOKSPEAK! POEMS ABOUT BOOKS (Clarion, 2011) and A LEAF CAN BE... (Millbrook, 2012). I'm a former teacher, a visiting author, and a writing mentor.
Laura ShovanLaura's chapbook, Mountain, Log, Salt and Stone, won the Harriss Poetry Prize. She works with young poets as a Maryland State Arts Council Artist-in-Residence. For her birthday, Laura mailed out 44 poems inspired by antique postcards.
Linda BaieLong time teacher of middle school ungraded-now literacy coach-independent school, love writing, and admire writers' talent!
Linda BoydenI write. I teach. I color in and outside the lines. I spoil kids and grandkids. Currently am finishing the art for my 4th picture book. 2013 is my second year of writing a poem a day. "Poetry gives voice to our silent songs."
Lissa ClouserBy day, Lissa is a mild-mannered insurance agent. By night, she and her muse, Miasma, alternate between writing children's poetry and dark fantasy, which are sometimes the same thing.
Liz SteinglassI'm a poet and mom. I live in Washington, DC with my husband, our three kids, a cat, a guinea pig, and a bearded dragon. I'm a middle child. I played high school basketball. I stop to look at deer, the moon, and birds with things in their beaks.
Lori DegmanI'm a teacher by day and writer by night, weekend and school holiday. I like to juggle, read tarot cards and eakspay igpay atinlay. I write in rhyme, most of the time - but not always!
M.M. SocksAlvaro Salinas, Jr writes stories. He writes poetry under the pseudonym, M. M. Socks and stories using his real name. "We Have Fleas, Queen Louise!" by Alvaro Salinas, Jr will be out mid-2013 via FlyingBooks LTD app.
Marcus EwertAuthor of the kids' book, 10,000 Dresses, and its sequel (coming out next year) - neither of which rhyme. However, ECLAIRS WHO DARE, my pastry-themed superhero epic, ALSO comes out next year & it rhymes!
Marileta RobinsonA former editor at Highlights and High Five, Marileta now enjoys the writing side of life, working on poems, stories, and a novel that she may eventually finish.
Mary Lee HahnDay job: teacher. Resume: 25+years, haven't stopped learning, still having fun. Kitchen specialties: cheesecakes, cakes, Christmas candy. Outdoor hobbies: photography, fly fishing, gardening. Literary identities: reader, writer, poet-in-training.
Matt Forrest EsenwineA voiceover artist, copy writer, and SCBWI member, Matt has had several poems published in various independent collections, and one of them, "Apple-Picking," was nominated last year by the Young Adult Review Network (YARN) for a Pushcart Prize.
Melinda HarveyI am a mother, a teacher, a friend and a wife. In writing my poems, I reflect on my life. My poems may not always rhyme like they should. Neither does life and life still is good!
Michele A. NormanEducation policy & public relations professional with national, state and local level expertise. Now VP of Education Strategy at Boston multimedia design/development firm specializing in mission-oriented media for children.
Michele KruegerMichele is a poet teacher with California Poets in the Schools. Her poetry for children appears in anthologies edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins, Jack Prelutsky, Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong, Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton.
Nessa MorrisMom to aliens, librarian to the visually impaired, and kidlit writer. They say write what you know, but princesses and snot are my specialty. Hmm...
Penny KlostermannPenny collects her thoughts in rare and shiny coins-of-poems and stories for children. Her two cents worth on being an authlete...Lucky Penny--A rhymer, a writer. Lucky Penny--a March Madness fighter!
Quinette Cook"Q" is the author of YA verse novel "Gilt", a story of a homeless girl who steals from churches. She is the MN Regional Advisor SCBWI, has an MFA in Writing for Children & YA, and is represented by Wernick & Pratt.
Renée M. LaTulippeRenée is an editor and children's writer who co-authors early readers and creates kids' poetry videos for her blog at No Water River. She's a mom to twin boys and lives in Italy, where she darts around the hills filming poetry.
Robyn Hood BlackChildren's author, poet, and artist from Georgia. Poetry, fiction, nonfiction. Vegetarian. Loves haiku. Has run with wolves; now runs with a Chihuahua.
Samuel W. KentThis Alabama Dad of three has been writing poetry for kids for more than twenty years. Known elsewhere as the "lunchbox doodler dad", he's all about showing love for friends and family through his passion for creative arts.
Stephen W. CahillI write picture book scripts & kids poems. Member of SCBWI and 12x12. Daddy to an 8 year old princess and two feral little boys. Sending my stuff to agents soon ... I swear!
Susan Taylor BrownSusan is an obsessive writer who writes about things that obsess her. She is much better at starting than she is at finishing so the pressure of this tournament helps her get things done. Hmmm...maybe Susan should hire Ed to prod her throughout the rest of the year?
Suz BlackabySuz writes, teaches, dabbles, and drifts in a lab-mandatory Portland neighborhood within walking distance of at least a dozen children's book authors--like a disease cluster but cheerier.
Tiffany Strelitz HaberI live in NJ with my two most favorite, silliest boys in the whole entire world- Jack (5) and Travis (4)! Also- I'm a food freak who's scared of birds.
Victoria WarneckVictoria Warneck worked as an Acquisition Editor for Economics textbooks for ten years before she began writing for children. She looks for ideas while wandering the trails and waterways of coastal Massachusetts with three kids and a Vizsla.
William PeeryI'm a marathon runner, Ironman finisher, children's poetry critique group member, husband to one wife, father of two little ones, movie lover, and all around nice guy on Tuesdays.
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