Authlete Application


Applications are being reviewed and the list of 2013 tournament participants will be revealed on Sunday, February 24th at 8pm Central.

Late applications may still be submitted, but will have to be exceptional to earn a spot at this point.

  • This is an example left by Jane Yolen* in the comments field of last year's event announcement:

    Do or die,
    I’ll try, I’ll try.
    Give me the words
    and watch me fly!

    Your verse can be a creative call to participate like this, or have nothing whatsoever to do with #MMPoetry. Write a commanding couplet, a silly limerick, a haunting haiku ... anything that gives me a sense of YOU.

    *Jane, if you're reading this, feel free to just copy/paste.

  • After the tournament, I hope to compile all 126 poems from the tournament into a commemorative book, complete with a picture of the final bracket, an introduction and round-by-round analysis written by me, and potentially other features. More to come on this in February.

    For now, what I need is acknowledgement from each applicant that, even though you will retain individual ownership of all poems that you write during #MMPoetry2013, you will grant me permission to use said poems for #MMPoetry-related publications on a royalty-free basis according to the following fee scale:

    Rounds 1-2: $25/poem
    Rounds 3-4: $50/poem
    Rounds 5-6: $100/poem

    Again, YOU will own YOUR poems! I just want to know that I can compensate you in exchange for using them without getting into any messy 64-way royalty arrangements. This is the cleanest solution that I hope works okay for everyone.
  • Upon his request, I will grant Ed permission to use my #MMPoetry2013 poem(s) according to the royalty-free fee scale above.

  • Please double-check your application before submitting. You should receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive one, I most likely still received your application, so please send me a note and I will confirm receipt.

Note: A small percentage of applicants have reported receiving a “Stop Spammers” error and no verification e-mail. These applications have still been coming through on my side without issue; if this happens to you, rather than re-submitting your application, please send me a note or message me on Twitter/G+/FB and I will confirm receipt of your application. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble.