There’s More To Poetry Than Just Words On A Page

Words, schmurds. Where are the numbers? Anyone who loves baseball knows that everything tastes better with a sprinkle of statistics!

Throughout the Madness! 2012 tournament, I will post some fun statistics whenever I have a chance. Here is your first hit:

As you might expect, the better the “seed” for a word, the fewer syllables it contained. All four 1-seeds were only one syllable. Contrast that with our 16-seeds, which averaged five syllables!

In aggregate, the favored seeds (1-8) averaged only 2 syllables and the underdog seeds (9-16) averaged 3 syllables.

We only have the results so far for Flight One, but among those first 32 poems, the winning word actually averaged 2.25 syllables and the non-winning word averaged 2.75 syllables. So, the underdog seeds actually seem to be performing better than expected, syllablically-speaking! (Don’t worry, no one will be prompted with the “word” syllablically.)

A few other fun stats/facts:

On Day 1 of the the tournament, visitors logged approximately 1,200 votes!

On Day 2 of the tournament, visitors logged another 3,000 votes! As I tweeted near the end of the night yesterday, at one point we were registering one vote every 17 seconds for three straight hours!

Keep spreading the word. These poems need to reach more schools, more parents, more kids. Make it happen!

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  • Joanna

    Love the stats! You are doing an amazing organizational and communication job, Ed! So glad to have participated even if knocked out in round one. I shall keep voting to the end. Great event!

  • julie krantz

    I agree with Joanna, Ed–this is a blast. (Terrifying and gullet-spazzing, too, but a blast nevertheless.) Hope the ‘Madness!’ becomes an annual event.

  • Janet

    Ed, do you have a day job? I am so impressed with your creativity! And your computer skills. I have hunted through comments and entries to get the hang of what you do with widgets, but I am really sort of a “neophyte” (oops might be a good see word)….with computers, though not hopeless. Alas do not live in Chicago area but am coming to IRA, International Reading Assoc. to present in end of April. Can you attend? Or visit? LOVE this stuff with all the voting….

    • Janet

      Mean * SEED word

  • Linda Baie

    Ed, thank you again for doing all this. It seems as if you are having a great time & I hope so because I think a whole lot of others are because of you.

  • Donna Smith

    I’m looking at the way the pages are done and thinking about the organization of each section, the voting, the – the everything. Incredible job! I hope it’s not so much you don’t want to do it again! ‘Cuz I do.

  • Ed DeCaria

    Thank you, all. YES, I assure you I am having fun. This website is having fun. My family us having fun. My career is having fun. This entire community is great, and after many years of writing patiently and quietly, I am happy to be a part of it!

    The real fun is just beginning. It’s only Round 1!



  • Greg Pincus

    Let me just check, Ed, as I’m not sure it was clear in your comment above – are you having fun?

    It’s a blast to read, to vote, to be in the competition, and to see how folks are spreading the word. Thanks to YOU for giving us all this fun and using your site and skills for such a win-win situation.

  • Susan Taylor Brown

    Ditto what Greg said. Ed, I’m having a blast playing and reading and sharing and seeing all the interaction going on. What I love is that we are doing this (mostly) for bragging rights and a love of poetry. How cool is that? Thanks again for letting play in your backyard (and front yard and all through the house.) We’ll try to clean up the mess when we’re through.

  • Kathryn Apel

    I think it’s agreed then, that we’re ALL having fun! Fantastic idea, Ed. Still can’t believe that you’re fitting this all in on top of work!!! Don’t forget to breathe… and sleep!

  • Pam

    Ed, I am in awe! In awe at the level of your energy, creativity, technical skills (btw, you should totally do a webinar on fancy blogs for a stupid wannabe), and most of all PATIENCE!!! This has to be challenging no matter how much fun this is. Anyway, I’m glad you’re doing it. It’s giving folks like me an amazing opportunity to learn so much and I’m meeting new people! Thank you for this!