New Poem: National Cat Day

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve written a regular blog or posted a poem. Trying to get back to that. When I found out that today was National Cat Day on my way to work this morning, I couldn’t help but write about it:

Cute Cat
Image: by Gaurav Pandit via Wikimedia Commons

National Cat Day
by Ed DeCaria

It’s National Cat Day.
I won’t step outside.
I dared once, a year ago,
nearly darn died.

Those skin-carving claws …
That maniacal hiss …
Just what kind of a sick
celebration is this?

I’m closing my window.
I’m locking my door.
I’m sealing the cracks
in the walls and the floor.

It’s National Cat Day.
I can’t leave my house.

(for a mouse)

© 2015 by Ed DeCaria, All Rights Reserved

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  • Gloson

    Hahahahhahhaa this is a great poem, Ed! I…. likee it!

  • Phillip Van Wagoner

    this is great!

    (for a person)

  • Karen G. Jordan

    Great fun! Thanks for the laugh.

  • Marla Lesage

    Great twist there at the end!

  • Donna Smith

    Loved your Cat Day poem with its twist! My cat didn’t tell me – I had no idea.
    Your poem inspired a rodent challenge… Hope you don’t mind!

    Get out of that housy
    Be more than just mousy
    Time to get wise –
    Put on your disguise!
    Go on, go whole hog
    And dress up as Dog
    Now practice your barkin’
    So all cats will harken!
    Good work, mouse, brava!
    You are one fine chihuahua!
    And now, little canine,
    Enjoy Day of Feline!

    • Ed DeCaria

      I always encourage poems in the comments section, Donna. Nice one!

  • Damon Dean

    Loved it.
    Just loved it.
    Loved Donna’s mouse counsel verse too.
    Both catty poets and poems deserve
    a hearty mew
    or two.

  • Quinette Cook

    Love it. Nice to see you in my inbox again.

  • Buffy Silverman

    Fun twist at the end…thanks for sharing this one!

  • Mary Lee Hahn

    Very fun!

  • Brenda Davis Harsham

    I love your poem!

  • Bridget Magee

    Thanks for the chuckle, Ed. (Sshh, don’t tell anyone, but I may agree a bit with the mouse.)