PEAK MADNESS! All 64 First Round Poems Now Up For Vote

Spread the word!
Far and wide!
“We’ve reach our poetry HIGH TIDE!”

All 64 first round poems created during #MMPoetry 2013 are now available for vote. I’ve read them all — and I will say without reservation that they are INCREDIBLE. What #MMPoetry authletes are able to do in such a short span of time is amazing. The first round words this year were on balance far more difficult than those assigned last year (something that I’ll be recalibrating based on everyone’s feedback — thank you), and yet in 36 hours or less, including sleeping/eating/working, the authletes have created a dizzying display of high-quality poems of varying styles, subjects, imagery, and emotions.

Visit the Live Scoreboard now! It will help you find your way around. Also, you’ll notice that on each individual matchup page beneath the poll, there is an animated slider that highlights a matchup at random every 5 seconds. These are live links — if you click on them, you’ll go straight to that page where you can then read two poems and vote.

Help spread the word about #MMPoetry by sharing the link to the Live Scoreboard page with your family/friends/followers/classmates/colleagues. Sharing links to individual matchups is great, too, but when you do so, be sure to encourage people to vote for what THEY think is the BEST poem. Invitations like “It’s March Madness — poetry style! My poem is competing in one of 32 head-to-head matchups this round. Read ‘em all and vote for your favs!” are GREAT; invitations like “My poem is battling for its life in #MMPoetry — take 10 seconds and vote for me before it’s too late!” … not so great.

Note that there has been a change in schedule. The polls for all Flight 1 matchups will now close on FRIDAY AFTERNOON (was originally supposed to be Thursday evening). The first poll will close at 1pm Central and last will close 3:30pm Central … one every 10 minutes. The polls for all Flight 2 matchups will still close on FRIDAY EVENING as scheduled. Flight 1 winners will get their Round 2 words on Friday evening as scheduled, and Flight 2 winners will get their Round 2 words on Saturday evening as scheduled.

Last, but not least: Since there are no longer any polls closing tonight, I will fill the void with a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT between 8-9pm Central tonight. HINT: It involves the word transmogrification.

Enjoy the madness …


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  • Linda Boyden

    What a monumental feat you have done, Ed. Kudos to you. This competition is amazing fun.

  • Marcus Ewert

    Everything Linda just said, and then some!