Poetry Friday: Doritos!

I just did something dumb. Like really-really dumb. SUPERDUMB.

I opened a “Family Size” bag of Doritos, dumped the entire contents onto my kitchen table, and …

Ate them? No. (That would have been smart.)

Crushed them into tiny crumbs and fashioned action figures out of them? No. (But that would have been fun.)

Carefully picked up the chips one at a time, hand-counted and recorded the number of individual flecks of spice on each, and placed them neatly back into the bag?

Yes. Yes, I did.

(Like I said: DUMB.)

And, naturally, that brings us to Poetry Friday!

Welcome to the 372nd ever Poetry Friday roundup. (Not counting the two Fridays back in 2006 where there was no roundup.)

I am so pleased to be hosting here at TKT for the second time. (Joining 16 other sites to have hosted PF exactly twice, and 63 total multiple-occasion hosts.)

I am hoping for a high turnout today! (More than the average 39.7 links that are contributed during Poetry Fridays in May.)

And a nice variety of contributions, too. (Like the 28 original poems, 14 posts covering other poets, and 10 opinion/editorial/news/announcements/other links contributed the last time I hosted.)

If you haven’t caught on by now:

Poetry Friday roundups = Doritos
Individual Poetry Friday contributions = Flecks of Spice

For reasons that I still cannot explain to myself, I have spent the last few weeks visiting every Poetry Friday roundup ever published, from Kelly Herold’s original to today. I counted many, many links — by my estimation 13,405 of them in Poetry Friday history. I clicked on hundreds of them, unable to resist the allure of potential poetic goodness awaiting me on the other side. I was often rewarded. For example, I discovered a t-shirt with the following haiku posted at Mother Reader on 10/13/2006:

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don’t make sense

That alone was worth the effort. But I also discovered some new-to-me baseball poems, pinpointed the first-ever use of Mr. Linky in a Poetry Friday roundup, was mesmerized by Sylvia Vardell’s research about Lee Bennett Hopkins’ creation of an anthology of poems by kids over 40 years ago, found this life-equating jigsaw puzzle poem by Russell Hoban, learned the phrase “explode the moment”, did flips over this poem Constantly Risking Absurdity (#15) by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and so much more.

Have I mentioned that I love Doritos?

I may share more about my Poetry Friday Dorito Dive in the coming weeks.

But now, on to this week’s roundup!

Readers: Check out the table below to find what you want or discover something new.

Contributors: Please complete the form below for each link that you wish to share.

Poetry Friday Links for May 17, 2013

ContributorTitleSummaryCategoryMoodTime to Read (Minutes)
Greg PincusGoodI mean, really now, who gets to define what's "good" behavior? Isn't it up for debate? Yes. Yes. I'm sure it must be!Original PoemSilly2
The Poem FarmLove Letters and Chalk PoemsListen to an original poem about what trees do all winter, and then celebrate the world around you with kindergarten poets (from Betsy Hubbard's classroom) and chalk!Original PoemJoyous3
Catherine @ Reading to the CoreAmerica the BeautifulThoughts about Katherine Lee Bates's poem and several picture that bring her words to life.Coverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)Patriotic5
Tabatha at The Opposite of IndifferenceSonnets by MichelangeloAs refulgent as Michelangelo was as an artist and sculptor, you might think he would be impuissant at sonnets. Au contraire!Coverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)
Elizabeth SteinglassHaiku for Kids, Questions for Bloggers3 original haiku about small moments for kids and grown-ups and and 2 big questions about bloggingOriginal Poemcurious5
Carol"To Be Of Use"An old favorite seen through new eyes.Coverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)Pensive2
Laura Shovan @AuthorAmokPortrait Poems: Starting with What's RealThird grade poets imagine that they are: a werewolf, an artiste, a disobedient child, a fugitive on the run.OtherBrainsonfire3
TaraPreparing to say goodbye to my sixth gradersIt's that time of year - soon, my sixth graders will leave my classroom, and I am getting ready for this.Coverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)Reflective10
Laura Purdie Salas"Robby" (by Judith Viorst) and Poem Starter Video RequestRobby wants the poet to write a poem about him, but he wants to dictate the content. Of course, Robby wants the poem to highlight his better qualities and downplay his...well, I'll let you read to discover that. A funny poem by Judith Viorst that reminds me of some of the challenges of writing poems on assignment for assessment companies. (Thanks for hosting, Ed!)Coverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)Funny3
Michelle @ Today's Little DittyMeet Me at Limerick AlleyJoin me at Limerick Alley and meet Grandpa Joe Shears, limerick du jour.Original Poemfun0
Robyn Hood BlackPoetry Friday - Some Rumi for my Son upon his Graduation"Tending Two Shops" with RumiCoverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)encouraging2
Donna - Mainely WriteThis is Not the PoemKind of an announcement in a poem format...no big deal really.Original PoemHappy3.5
Steven Withrow"Details from John Singer Sargent's A Boating Party"An original poem inspired by one of the masters of visual art.Original Poemsun-dazzled3
Diane MayrThe Secret Society of EnjambmentYou are invited! First meeting today! Sing our secret society song!Otherexcitement4
Buffy SilvermanCrayfish, Crows, and ComicsI'm in with a response to two poetry challenges--one featuring many words with "cr" sounds", the other a response to a photo that took me back to my silly putty days.Original Poemcawish1.23
Kurious Kitty"Two Horses"The first Kentucky Derby was held on this day.Coverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)horsey1
Jama's Alphabet SoupHawai'i's Food Trucks on the Go!A tasty tour of O'ahu via some adorable food trucks with a virtual sampling of local specialties.Coverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)Lipsmacking3
BetsyContrails and the LightDid you ever notice that light beams interrupted by the ground are much like a contrail following a plane in the sky? Coming and going, bright then light, hmmm...well, that's how my brain works. :)Original PoemWispy5
Linda Baieend of year goodbyesSending students off at the end of the year with a 'goodbye' poem is a tradition in my class. Since I'm finishing the year for another teacher, I get to do it once again.Original Poembittersweet10
Matt Forrest Esenwine (Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme)"Summer Frost"An adult poem and a brief look at the unusual way it came to be.Original Poemcontemplative5
Jeannine AtkinsPoetry in the GreenhousePoems inspired by flowers, with a focus on Sylvia PlathCoverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)reflective3
The Drawer of M M SocksSlideAn education no classroom can teachOriginal PoemFearless1
Catherine JohnsonM.M. SocksAn interview with M.M.Socks and three delightful poems from him too.Coverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)Fun6
Little Willow (Bildungsroman)The Language Inside by Holly Thompsonthen we talk about journeys
the different meanings of the word...
Coverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)journey1
MotherReader"Shop Vac"Another in my songs as poetry series, a hip song that no one can afford to miss. OtherFun4
Doraine BennettConversion Chart for My HusbandMy sincere effort at really bad poetry.Original PoemRidiculous2
Charles Ghigna - Father Goose"Skydiver"Returning to earth with a soaring new smile and attitudeOriginal PoemUplifting1
Keri Collins LewisMasquerade -- a spider poemAn original poem inspired by an error-filled non-fiction picture book.Original PoemHungry1
April Halprin WaylandSearching for Lost Books from Childhood!Join me on my search for that book that I loved so much by...um...about a surprise party put on by all the animals on the farm for their beloved woman's 76th birthday called..um...?...and then read my poem about the search!Original Poemmystery!5
Lorie Ann Grover, On PointA Glimpse of My CrinolineIn which you catch a peek in my haikuOriginal Poembouncy1
readertotzAround the Block with ErnieIn which Ernie gets in some sweet poetic sound with Sammy the SnakeOtherSilly4
Esther HershenhornExercise: Poetry With a Plot!Stop by TeachingAuthors.com to say hello to Holly Thompson, her latest (wonderfully reviewed) verse novel and her poetry exercise that's sure to inspire you and/or your students!Poetry LessonInspiring!3
Books4LearningFollow, FollowFairy Tale ReversosCoverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)Clever5
Becky ShillingtonPOETRY FRIDAY: A Poem for Children's Book WeekToday I have posted a great poem by Emily Dickinson to help celebrate Children's Book Week.Coverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)fun2
Poetry For Kids JoyHappy Syttende MaiThe family is having a party over at my blog to celebrate Norwegian Constitution Day. Since next year is the centenial, there should be lots of celebrations through out the year. An original free verse poem and a poetry challenge are presented.Original Poemfoody3
Opening a Can of Bookworms - Nessa MorrisThe PentopusLimerick for kids about an octopus and a shark duking it out. Includes an original illustration by yours truly (who is most definitely NOT an illustrator).Original Poemwet1
Anastasia Suen @ BooktalkingOut on the PrairieCount the animals that live on the prairie from one to tenCoverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)lyrical2
RuthSestina: LikeA. E. Stallings makes fun of the way we use the word "like" for everything. Click "like" if you agree.Coverage Of Another Poet (Poem, Interview, Book Review, etc.)Snarky3

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  • http://www.poemfarm.amylv.com Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

    Whoa! My head is spinning, Ed. Thank you for hosting. I hope that you enjoy your little bits of Doritos; I look forward to today’s flecks! Refrigerator. :)

  • http://readingtothecore.wordpress.com Catherine

    I love Doritos, too! The results of all your research are fascinating. Thanks for hosting!

  • http://www.lizsteinglass.com/ Liz

    Thanks for hosting. That’s quite an endeavor and quite a metaphor. I think Poetry Friday is as spicy and tasty and addictive as Doritos but much, much healthier. I love the idea of going back and reading the earlier posts that many of us missed.
    Happy counting,

  • http://www.NoWaterRiver.com Renee LaTulippe (@ReneeMLaTulippe)

    I see your refrigerator and raise you a self-cleaning oven!

    Thoroughly enjoyed the statistics and glimpses of Poetry Fridays Past, still rattling their chains. I, unfortunately, do not have a post this week but look forward to following the trail of spicy nibbles everyone else will surely leave.

    Thanks, Ed!

  • http://authoramok.blogspot.com/2012/11/poetry-friday-songwriting-with-mary.html Laura Shovan

    Thanks for the stats, Ed. Your post reminded me of something a student taught me this week: the recipe for walking tacos. (Basically, take a snack bag of Doritos, open it, add taco filling. Eat.)

    Next time you host, may I suggest that among the “Type of Post” choices, there be a button for “poetry lesson” and/or “poems by students”?

  • http://www.MichelleHBarnes.com Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

    Superdumb? No, but maybe super insane with flecks of genius. A Dorito toast to your post! (Hey, and thanks for hosting today.)

  • http://www.robynhoodblack.com Robyn Hood Black

    You definitely piqued my curiosity with those Doritos, Ed- what an endeavor! Thanks for these crunchy statistics. And for hosting what’s sure to be a flavorful roundup – spicy sweet or cool ranch?

  • http://MainelyWrite.blogspot.com Donna Smith

    So, you didn’t really count the flecks of spice? How will we ever know?

  • http://www.randomnoodling.com Diane Mayr

    I barely make it through one whole week’s worth of P.F. posts! Bravo!

  • http://www.buffysilverman.com Buffy Silverman

    Thanks for the tasty stats, Ed. And now I’m off to search for a haiku refrigerator t-shirt!

  • http://jamarattigan.wordpress.com jama

    What, no dip?

    Fascinated by all your number crunching. Thanks for hosting today!

  • http://teachingyoungwriters.blogspot.com/ Betsy

    Thank you for hosting. Now please go eat some Doritos. I enjoyed hearing about your discoveries in past posts. Neat idea.

  • http://www.teacherdance.blogspot.com/ Linda Baie

    Thanks for the morning’s entertainment Ed! And for enticing me back into the PF archives. Those past flecks sound tasty!

  • http://www.mattforrest.com Matt Forrest

    Another universal baseball truth: fans love players until the poor sap screws up. Here in Boston, we’re notorious for that. Best example: in 2004, we loved Pedro Martinez until he screwed up several pitches in the World Series…and then we wanted his throat!

    Love the jigsaw puzzle poem, too – and the acrobat poem reminded me of Irene Latham’s Progressive poem we just wrote last month. And let me know if you ever decide to crunch the ratio of parsley flecks to onion flecks per chip…I’ll see if we can get you some kind of intervention. ;)

  • http://www.jeannineatkins.com Jeannine Atkins

    I loved starting my day with a smile and some math (but would need more coffee to make that into a rhyme.) Thank you!

  • http://tabathayeatts.blogspot.com/ Tabatha

    One of my kids took AP Statistics this year. She liked the textbook because the authors were genuinely enthusiastic about the topic and they had interesting examples. I wonder if they used poetry for any examples? They probably had no idea.

  • http://www.thinkkidthink.com Ed DeCaria

    First batch of entries is up!

    Not sure what’s going on with the table; it is not sorting/filtering as it should. I am sorely in need of a WordPress update, so I’m sure that has something to do with it. Oh well, not critical.

    Laura, I added the two new categories that you suggested.



  • http://authoramok.blogspot.com/2012/11/poetry-friday-songwriting-with-mary.html Laura Shovan

    Thanks, Ed!

  • http://catherinemjohnson.wordpress.com Catherine Johnson

    I love how you coin the techy poet role. Awesome post! I would never have got the doritos but tgat’s but thst’s not sirprising ;) Thanks for hosting!

  • http://slayground.livejournal.com Little Willow

    Thanks for hosting this week! Happy weekend, everyone! :)

  • http://www.motherreader.com/2013/05/poetry-friday-shop-vac.html MotherReader

    Love your dedication to Poetry Friday. Thanks for the haiku shirt shout-out. I’m pushing the envelope of Poetry Friday now too with my songs as poetry series, but I’m a rebel!

    Thanks for hosting!

  • http://janetsquires.blogspot.com/ Janet Squires

    Thanks for hosting. You’ve assembled quite a collection of statistics.
    My selection is “Imaginary menagerie: a book of curious creatures” — poetry by Julie Larios with paintings by Julie Paschkis.

  • http://www.beckyshillington.blogspot.com Becky Shillington

    Thanks so much for hosting Poetry Friday this week!

  • http://www.thinkkidthink.com Ed DeCaria

    Remember how I said May Poetry Fridays averaged 39.7 links? Today = 39 (including my own post, which I included in my historical counts if the roundup posts themselves were substantive). I love when mathy things play out so neatly in reality …

  • http://thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com Ruth

    Thanks for hosting! Just finished reading the last link. I love your approach to poetry, even though it is so very different from mine. Great Poetry Friday!

  • Janet F.

    Late to the poetry happy hour, but I did read it much of it quickly a week ago. I do love your set up for displaying the posts. When do you sleep, Ed. I really enjoyed your data collecting info and hope to have time to ponder and visit and catch up at the links you include. Thanks, Ed.

  • http://www.thinkkidthink.com/ Ed DeCaria

    Threaded comments are back. And all it took was a complete overhaul of my commenting system with Disqus.