Round 2 Flight 1 Words Unveiled

Congratulations to the authletes who survived Round 1! Their reward? Write another poem in 36 hours or less! Starting NOW!

Here are the Round 2, Flight 1 matchups. Individual matchup pages will be posted at a later time.

16-subterfuge (Renee M. LaTulippe)
9-iconic (Kai K. Zander)

12-rhetoric (Donna Smith)
13-congeal (Angie Marie Breault)

6-inhuman (Mary Lee Hahn)
14-incongruous (Suz Blackaby)

7-premise (M. M. Socks)
2-wage (Laura Salas)

1-jam (Anna J. Boll)
8-caricature (Marileta Robinson)

5-sterile (Tiffany Strelitz Haber)
4-smothered (Kathy Ellen Davis)

11-periphery (Nessa Morris)
3-topical (Quinette Cook)

10-exertion (Liz Steinglass)
15-hackneyed (Dave Crawley)

Enjoy the madness …

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  • Dom D

    I love the matchup of “peripheral” vs. “topical”. There is some irony at the similarity of the two in describing actual matter (an ‘outer layer’), while they have such a contextual divergence as it would pertain to subject matter (think ‘back page’ news vs ‘headline’ news).

    Words. They’re the best.

  • Ed DeCaria

    Dom! You’re back!

    I do like most of the word pairings in this Flight. There’s some connections there. Not intentional, mind you.

  • Jone

    Cruel…Mary Lee vs Suz…how can I possibly vote. They are my friends!

  • Marcus Ewert

    Renee got ANOTHER 16 seed word? How is that possible?
    I mean, I know she’ll crush that word like it was a wee itty bitty little 1-seed, BUT STILL!

  • Ed DeCaria

    Marcus, the seeds stay with each authlete until the Final Four.

  • Marcus Ewert

    Color me clueless, but willing to be educated!

    While I’ve got your virtual ear, Ed- what time roughly do you think you’ll have the Flight 2 words posted tomorrow?
    I’m nannying my nephew, and don’t want to neglect TOO terribly by refreshing like a caffeine injected lab rat…

    • Ed DeCaria

      I aim for exactly 8pm Central, but say it will be between 8-9pm.

  • Marcus Ewert

    Which, let’s face it, I’ll probably do ANYWAY…

  • angie breault

    So excited for this round! Good luck Donna and everyone else!

  • J. J. Close

    Am I the first to notice that 1 of each seed moved on in flight 1? What are the chances?

  • Marcus Ewert

    Oh, great- thanks! My nephew is safe from neglect, then!

  • laurasalas

    OK, I’ve at least heard of and used all of these words–not true of Round 1 (verjuice? what the heck!). Can’t wait to read all of the Round Two matchups!

  • bill

    J.J. Close, I had just noticed that as well before I read your post. The chances are quite slim. Something like 1 in 128???

    Good luck to all of you!

  • Alvaro

    hey Ed, what time on sunday are round 2 flight 1 poems due?

    • Ed DeCaria

      10am sharp tomorrow, only because I was late getting the words out last night. After that, bonus votes accrue to your opponent at 10:01, 11:01, 12:01, etc.

  • Donna Smith

    This is just too much fun…win or lose…actually, there is no lose! Have fun with your word! Congeal should be interesting. Our seed difficulties are about even this time. Good luck to you, too!

  • Renee LaTulippe (@ReneeMLaTulippe)

    Ed, sorry to be dense, but when you say 10am, is that Pacific or Central?

  • Ed DeCaria


  • Kathy Ellen Davis

    These are great words! Can’t wait to see the poems!
    (Thanks for asking the time zone question, Renee! I was wondering too!)

  • Robyn Hood Black

    And poor Renee has to calculate times from another continent! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. And I think I’ll go drink a vitamin drink or something…

  • Michele Norman

    Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to read all that emerges…

  • Tiffany Strelitz

    Can voting be viewed on giant plasma screens at our local bar somehow?! NEXT. KICKSTARTER.