New Poem: Maybe I Should Have Waited 30 Minutes Like She Told Me To

It’s Poetry Friday in the Kidlitosphere! Thank you to AmyLV at The Poem Farm for hosting this week.

Now officially summer, public pools across America will be opening for what seems like an ever-shortening swimming season. Here’s a splash of iambic heptameter to keep everyone safe:


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  • jama

    Glub glub. :D

  • Amy LV

    Hee hee! I so remember this warning. Now I’m a mom and still don’t know if it has any merit. I like the “underwater words” too!

  • Dana

    You made me laugh and remember.

  • Jeanne Poland

    My nasal nerves are burning:
    My gut’s a wrenching grip;
    The shake it shook my gumline!
    It was a gruesome trip!

    In sympathy.
    Jeanne Poland

  • Jone

    Love this. I so remember those warnings.

  • trishszypulski

    I love your website Ed!!! This poem has me laughing outloud!!

  • Doraine Bennett

    I have it from reliable scientific sources that it’s just an old wives tale. But that never stopped me from enforcing it. Fun poem.

  • Linda Baie

    We all had to wait, & wait, to be sure it was okay. I don’t believe it has any weight anymore. Fun to see as well as to read aloud, Ed. You have such a great sense of humor! Thanks for the memory!

  • Ed DeCaria

    Thank you all for the comments.

    Seriously, what an odd rule we all lived by. Yet I’m sure I believed that my stomach would explode and my lungs would collapse if I so much as dipped my pinky toe in the pool before the half hour post-lunch period was up.

    My kids aren’t old enough yet — who knows? Maybe I’ll find a reason to carry on the tradition …

  • Luch

    Love the poem and I was faced with the dilemma for the first time this year. As much as I know in my gut it’s a hoax, I decided to split the difference and enforce a 15 minute waiting period!

  • Violet

    So clever, Ed, both the poem and the visuals.

  • Liz

    You do know they only told you that so they could have a 30 minute break, right?

  • Heidi

    Ha, ha-ha-ha-ha Ha! Short, sharp, sweet, sassy. Masterful. Minxy mama.

  • Ed DeCaria

    Thanks again Luch, Violet, Liz, and Heidi for the comments.

    What a conspiracy this was!

    Trust no one, kids. Trust no one. (Except me.)

  • Iza Trapani

    Wow are you clever! Love it.

  • Ed DeCaria

    Thanks again, Iza! Glad you liked it …

  • Cynthia

    Great poem and oh so true!

  • EmilyDickinson

    I Told You So (warming up)

    “Listen closely, little children,”

    I would tell them every day.

    “Heed the warnings of your mother

    “There’s a hard and easy way.

    “Learn from me life’s vital lessons,”

    as I always used to say,

    “if you’re wise you’ll heed your mother,

    “and, if not, you’re going to pay.”

    ‘Cause a mother loves her kiddos,

    and she always tries to spare

    her adored beloved babies

    from the bad that waits out there.

    I described in graphic detail

    (though I didn’t mean to scare)

    but experience as mother

    isn’t easy, isn’t fair.