Dear Friends of TKT,

It has been over one year since I last posted here, and about a year between that post and the previous one. But that’s is about to change. Back in 2012 when I launched this site, I posted fairly frequently about a variety of topics. Then Madness! took over my site (and in some ways my life!). In a good way at first, but then maybe a bit more than I had intended. So last year, I moved the event to its own home, and since then I’ve continued to invest my time building out that site to manage and improve the event as it continues to grow.

(On that note, Madness! 2018 is now underway! First round poems will be posted tomorrow, so head over to read some great “poetry under pressure” and vote for your favorites. And especially the teachers among you, please Register your student group(s) to vote throughout the event — your vote carries extra weight.)

But with that out of the way, it’s time to reclaim TKT as my own home. So this is me playing catchup with a smorgasbord* of updates crammed into a single new post … because I feel like it :). Here we go:

  • I will have a poem published in an upcoming anthology — it is scheduled to come out in Fall 2019. Not sure how much else I can share at the moment, but I was excited to have been invited and then somewhat relieved to have my poem accepted. (<<< Long story and good lesson in work ethic and perseverance -- for another time!) I hope to begin contributing to more anthologies moving forward as I work my way toward submitting my own complete poetry manuscripts. Editors and anthologists: you know how to find me.
  • I recently joined a critique group. This is a great way for me to continue honing my craft, particularly as I move from writing only fun/funny verse and toward writing for a wider variety of emotions. I’ve already had a few poems critiqued, and I’ve really valued the wisdom offered. In return I also get to critique the early work of other talented writers, which I also enjoy. It’s a nice give-and-take.
  • I’ve been writing a lot lately, tackling all sorts of fun topics. Not sure that I’ll post any new poems while Madness! is going on, but will get back to doing so on TKT soon thereafter.
  • TKT itself is a bit of a disaster right now … the result of years of neglect! So don’t be surprised to see things move around a bit as I clean up / clean out.

I’m going to stop there. Thanks for reading. I’ll post again soon. For real this time.


*p.s. Yes, this was all just a chance to use the word smorgasbord in writing.

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  • sarah-marie belcastro

    You posted this on March 5th.
    It propagated to RSS on March 7th.
    Then it was picked up by my aggregator on March 8th… after the first round of poems closed.
    I have an account on the Madness website; isn’t there some way of notifying everyone who’s registered there that the tournament is about to begin? Or do I just have to put in my calendar a note to check there starting March 1st?

    • Ed DeCaria

      Hi, Sarah. I’m very sorry for the trouble. A couple of things: 1) I didn’t actually send a subscriber email corresponding with this post. Normally I do, but it’s an extra step that takes 15 minutes that I just didn’t have at the time. 2) I was forced to delete all non-Facebook, non-authlete, non-teacher accounts that were created last year, due to a handful of bad actors who created a material number of fraudulent accounts (yes, this happens on the internet, even for kids’ poetry contests). Users with an email-based account are now required to verify their email before voting to prevent this problem. Going forward, your Madness account will persist over the years, now that you’ve verified (which I see you have). Hope that helps. Next round of voting begins tonight and continues through Tuesday evening.

      • sarah-marie belcastro

        Ahh, thanks for the explanation. And a big yuck to those people who make fraudulent accounts (or make bots to make those accounts) for kids’ poetry contests!!

  • sarah-marie belcastro

    Also irritating: didn’t retain accounts from last year (or at least didn’t retain mine) so when I tried to log in the site made me create a new (identical) account.