New Poem: Something Sweet

National Poetry Month continues! I hope that you are celebrating by reading or writing, or playing with poetry in some other way.

On Monday I guest-posted for Katie Davis. Today I am publishing a poem as part of Greg Pincus’ 30 Poets / 30 Days event! Now in its fourth year, Greg has featured some amazing poets — and amazing poems — during this event, and I’m thrilled to have been invited to contribute.

My poem is called “Something Sweet” … What it’s about? I cannot tell.

Oh, alright, it’s about a smell. HINT:


Image: feet by carvalho, on Flickr

Head to GottaBook RIGHT NOW to read the poem. I’ve also left a present in the Comments section beneath the poem — a link back to a hidden page (ooh, how fancity) on my site that contains an audio recording of the poem. It’s my first ever, and it probably shows!

But it all starts at Greg’s site, so go there first to read my poem, then make like a competitive eater and read as many other poems as you can stomach in ten minutes, then consider picking up Greg’s new e-book The Late Bird while you’re there, and then pop back over to listen to my reading of “Something Sweet”. (And then I’ll stop ordering you around — you can do whatever you want the rest of the day.)

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  • Jeanne Poland

    Absolutely loved the smelly feet.
    Went crazy trying to find the hidden recording….You Big Tease!
    Here’s a response, today’s poem of the day for Poetry Month:


    Egg played a joke on me:
    Created me so small
    I cannot see
    The breath of Thee.

    Egg played a yoke on me:
    Made me round
    To roll away
    Without my whey.

    Egg played some folk with me:
    See this one; then that
    Different, two
    Proteins like you.

    Egg played a joke on me.
    Egg played a yoke on me.
    Egg played some folk with me.

    Egg is
    A Creator
    A Redeemer
    A Sanctifier!

    Jeanne Poland

    • Ed DeCaria

      Hey Jeanne — thanks for the reply and posting your own poem-of-the-day in the comments!

      To be clear, you DID find the mp3, right? I didn’t mean to hide it THAT well. Just wanted to make sure people visited GottaBook first and then made their way back here in due course.


  • Renee LaTulippe

    Hi Ed, just got back from Greg’s — fun poem! However, the link to the MP3 doesn’t appear to be working. I tried a copy and paste, but got PAGE NOT FOUND…

  • Donna Smith

    I’ve tried all the different renditions of your link to the audio but can’t find the file anywhere. Is it like a silent movie only no picture?

  • Jeanne Poland

    You are so popular that I don’t have to reiterate anything. Donna and Renee spoke for me…..
    I have some recordings on my blog. You might want to listen. Go to Deadline on Page 6:
    Jeanne Poland

    • Ed DeCaria

      Okay, Deadline was kindof trippy. Fun special effects.

  • Ed DeCaria

    Okay, sorry for the trouble, if you head back to GottaBook (comments section of my poem), you will see a password that will allow you to reach the linked mp3 page.

  • Jeanne Poland

    And if you’re really brave, try me reading Bit By A Bug at:
    Happy discoveries.
    Jeanne Poland

    • Ed DeCaria

      Did you just plop down in the middle of an electronics store and speak that poem into an iPad??? Too funny …

  • Jeanne Poland

    I found it! I found it!
    The mic puffs and spurts the p’s and t’s. Try a snowball mike next time.
    Your voice and pace are refreshing.
    Too much drama at the end.
    I would never lie to you!
    PS I delight in the large text! Your blog never requires the command + key!

  • http:/ Lori Degman

    Your poem stinks :-)

    • Ed DeCaria

      Well played, Lori, well played …

  • Katya

    It’s like a scavenger hunt. And I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee yet. I couldn’t figure out why the recording wasn’t working — I had the audio off on my computer. Oy.
    I love how you draw out the last line of the poem.

    • Ed DeCaria

      Thanks, Katya. For the audio recording, I thought it might be fun to add the “unwritable” special effect of a slow nasal inhale before the last line …

  • Janet Fagal

    Loved hearing your poem in your very own unstinky voice. I agree with Jeanne about the sound/mic issue. Clarity was a tiny bit muddied by the /s/ sounds sticking some and could be more so in classrooms where tech quality might be an issue, though I am no expert on this topic. I NEED to figure out how to do this for a kid project I am working on!! Seriously, I want to record for them to listen to a poem we are learning. Perhaps I can hire your tech expertise. BTW Your poem reeks, but you rock! Kids will love this one. I will share it next week. I will read it in my own melliflous tones and then put you on for a real sweetfeast! Will I see you at IRA? Will you have a rose in your teeth, (aka Mona Lisa Ed)?

    • Ed DeCaria

      Okay, sounds like I need to invest in a microphone … good to know. Thank you for the feedback.

      Microphone aside, for recording I use software called Camtasia that I happen to have installed for work. It’s pretty nice and allows easy production in a number of online/offline formats, both video and audio. Not sure what other people use. It is fully editable, so especially during a long recording, if you mess up or are interrupted you can reset yourself, keep going, and then edit out the unwanted parts later, down to every last “um” or throat-clearing if you want to take the time to perfect something.

      Glad you liked the poem, Janet. Definitely come back and tell me how the kids react! In fact, if you record your reading and their reaction, I’ll post it online here at TKT.

      Unfortunately, I am highly doubtful on attending IRA even if you could sneak me in — too much “real work” to do at the moment.