New Poem: Flag At Half-Mast

At my baseball poetry outpost, The Hardball Times, I just published a new concrete poem dedicated to Marvin Miller, legendary MLB Players Association leader who passed away on Tuesday, 11/27/2012, at age 95. The poem is called “Flag At Half-Mast”. Please click through to read it if you have a moment. Thank you. -Ed

New Poem: The Fort Pitt Tunnel

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is famous for (among other things) its three intersecting rivers and the vibrant yellow bridges that cut across them. I lived for five years in that strange little sliver of West Virginia that rests against the Pennsylvania border, and my family frequently trekked to Pittsburgh by way of the Fort Pitt Tunnel:

New Poem: The Mohawk

The Mohawk By Ed DeCaria

© Ed DeCaria, all rights reserved.

What more can you say about mohawks? Of all of history’s hairstyles, they must have the highest Recognition:Trial ratio. I envy those free enough and fearless enough to get one. The only way that I can ever realistically see myself doing it is