New Poem: Skinny

Skinny by Ed DeCaria

I slipped right through a pavement crack while strolling down the street,

and landed in a sewer pipe that smells like rotting feet.

It’s damp and dark so I’ll just park right here and send a tweet:

New Poem (with Bonus Activity!): Worst In Show

Thank you to Elaine at Wild Rose Reader for hosting this week’s Poetry Friday round-up. I am pleased to be participating again after my debut last week. Thank you all for the kind comments.

This event is a great motivator to finally finish some poems that I’ve had hanging around for years. Here is another

New Poem: There’s Mold in Our Shower

There’s Mold In Our Shower by Ed DeCaria

There’s mold in our shower, it’s grown by the hour, I’m practically covered in green.

The tiles are fuzzy, the curtain is skuzzy, I’m warning you: it’s quite a scene.

The soap and shampoo left a thick residue so I don’t feel especially clean.

I’d hoped to