To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure

Five reasons why I am posting this video and link:

It involves poetry. It is insanely creative. It is insane. It perfectly embodies my four most deeply held values: Humor, Empathy, Logic, and Passion (HELP!) It proves that taking a unique approach to a project or problem can achieve amazing and unexpected results.

New Poem: The Fort Pitt Tunnel

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is famous for (among other things) its three intersecting rivers and the vibrant yellow bridges that cut across them. I lived for five years in that strange little sliver of West Virginia that rests against the Pennsylvania border, and my family frequently trekked to Pittsburgh by way of the Fort Pitt Tunnel:

New Poem: Gnats!

Today is Poetry Friday in the Kidlitosphere … thank you to Katya at Write. Sketch. Repeat. for hosting this week. Today, I’ve got a gnew little poem to share …

New Poem: Wake Up

Wake Up by Ed DeCaria

Didn’t sleep (surprise, surprise) Blood-soaked bags drag down my eyes

I know … I know …

But the world Never waits For me to Wake up



© Ed DeCaria 2012, All Rights Reserved ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Happy to be back in the mix at Poetry Friday! My poem reflects